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 Updated: May 03, 2013

Miracle of Prophet companion Hajar b Adi… urgent divine revenge from terrorists

By: Karim Tellawi

DAMASCUS, Syria: Latest news from Damascus tell that the terrorists could not find the sacred body of Prophet Muhammad (S) dignified companion Hajar bin Adi (R) whose shrine was demolished and grave was dug last day, Buratha news reported.

Reports further said that as soon as the terrorists dug the grave to take the holy corpse out, a miracle happened… the earth concealed it from their sight. The anti-terrorists movement attacked on them and then killed them all.

According to Buratha these news attributed to Director Endowments in Damascus.

The news received late night yesterday and promoted by terrorists indicated that they had taken the body of great companion, but it does not match with the latest news received now from the Syrian endowments.


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