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  Updated: January 23, 2009

Start of 9th year of Jafariya News

Eight years back, www.jafariyanews.com was launched on the martyrdom anniversary of great leader and guide of devotees of Din-o-Shariah and followers of the path of Husseiniyat Ali ibnil Hussein titled as Sayed-os Sajidin Zayn-ol Abidin (AS).

Pakistan’s Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Sayed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has rightly said that Azadari (aza al-Imam al-Hussein (AS)) is our jugular vein and it is indebted to Zeynab (AS) and Zayn-ol Abidin (AS); Jafariya News’ top most objective has been promotion and spread of Azadari. Our efforts and struggles, to what extent they are, are less.

Thanks to Allah is impossible because His blessings and bounties are countless

إن تعدوا نعمة الله لا تحصوها

If you count up blessings of Allah you could not count them (Al-Quran)

Gratitude on blessing itself is a blessing and paying thanks on blessing is must and this chain cannot come to an end save confessing impotence and Shortcomings in Giving Thanks. Hence, Al-Imam Ja’fer As-Sadeq (AS) says: Allah said to Prophet Moses O Moses! Pay thanks to Me such a gratitude that right to My thankfulness is performed. Moss replied: How could I render due of Your thanks while thanksgiving itself is a blessing. Then Allah said: O Moses! Now you have paid thanks to Me that you have known that paying thanks is also My blessing.

Allah is Fountainhead of all blessings and bounties. Courtesy to His help we have kept www.jafariyanews.com continued. Besides Gratitude to Allah, we thank to all viewers, visitors and readers also because

من لم يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله

He who does not thank people does not thank Allah.

Jafariya news is your. Husseiniyat which is commensurate with Din and Shariah, its promotion and respect to humanity is our habit. We look at all ideas and suggestions with praising sight.

To pay thanks on confession of shortcoming in giving thanks Jafariya News quotes experts of 37 supplication of Sahifa-e-Kamilah of Beemar-e-Karbala Saqeem-e-Karbala Al-Imam As-Sajjad (AS) while beginning its 9th year:

O Allah, no one reaches a limit in thanking You without acquiring that of Your beneficence which enjoins upon him thanksgiving,

Nor does anyone reach a degree in obeying You, even if he strives, without falling short of what You deserve because of Your bounty.

It is Your beneficence that You value even very little gratitude and you reward the small act in which You are obeyed, so that it seems as if Your servants' thanksgiving for which You have made incumbent their reward and made great their repayment is an affair from which they could have held back without You, and hence You will recompense them.

So all creatures confess that You wrongs not him whom You punish and bear witness that You bestow bounty upon him whom You pardon. Each admits that he has fallen short of what You deserve.

Chief Editor,
Joan Syed
And team

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