TNFJ criticizes Hippocratic attitude of UN, OIC, and AL

By: Salman Alvi

RAWALPINDI, April 5: Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of the Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has said the world of humanity was passing through different types of crises at present and the worst issue was the ongoing massacre of humanity in the garb of rooting out terrorism, which is a result of Hippocratic and one-sided attitude of United Nations, OIC, and Arab League. He stated this while talking to a representative delegation of TNFJ Divisional Council Rawalpindi that called on him at the head of Allama Syed Taqi Al-Naqvi. He said it was crystal clear that all international organisations were following the dual standards and were hostage to the international Taghoot who is misusing them for self-interest as they have no strategy of their own to follow.

Agha Moosavi said people talk about the constitution despite the fact that at present America was in the driving seat along with its Zionist and Hindu agents while the world of humanity was confronted with anarchy. He said Israel has rejected the United Nations demand point blank and was not even considering the requests from European Union delegation, OIC and Arab League which indicates that they all were shedding the crocodile tears. He said it has now become clear that New York and Washington incidents were merely a justification tool for interference. He said the oppressed world could only raise the voice of protest but that voice is also being suppressed. He said Islam is against all types of aggression and terrorism, preaches peace and is survival of humanity while there are about five dozens of Muslim States. Similarly, he said there are also a quite number of oppressed nations and countries. If the United Nations does not give up its duplicity then all these States should alight themselves from it adopting a joint strategy, he added.

The TNFJ chief said if Israel does not bow down to any request then the whole Muslim World should get up against Israel and make her bow down to their feet. He said Vajpayee was shedding crocodile tears while the United Nations session was just fill in the blank. If the United Nations is sincere in real terms then it should take a courageous step to force the Israel pullout from Palestine and to drive out Indian occupation forces from the Held Valley and get its Resolutions implemented resolving Palestine and Kashmir issues keeping to the desire of their respective people. He said they are the followers of Imam Mazloom (A.S.) who did not hesitate from raising the voice of protest despite being ill, chained and fettered.

The delegation on this occasion told Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Pakistan, Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi about the disappointed performance of the Administration vis-ŗ-vis investigation into the incident of Shah-e-Najaf Khayaban-e-Sir Syed. They said the police have failed in arresting and unveiling the culprits of the assassins of the Shuhada while the bereaved families of the Shuhada were being unnecessarily harassed and were allegedly being pressurised to get statements of their own choice from them. The delegation told him that Chehlum of Shuhada Shah-e-Najaf would be observed after 8th Rabiul Awwal because Gham-e-Hussain is foremost of all other grieves and the Ayyam-e-Aza are commensurate with remembrance of Mazloom-e-Karbala. The delegation told him that many innocent people including the workers of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya were still behind the bars for the last 85 days after being labelled of banned organisations and they have not been set free despite instructions issued by the Federal Government, which is condemnable. The delegation expressed its concern over the ongoing political activities on the part of government contrary to the dignity of Ayyam-e-Aza. They said all political activities should be kept pending till the Chehlum of Shuhada-e-Karbala.


Ashra Beemar-e-Karbala continued in Pakistan

By: Riaz Kazmi

RAWALPINDI, April 5: Majalis-e-Aza to observe the "Ashra Beemar-e-Karbala" in connection with the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.) continued on Friday also in the light of the announcement made by Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Pakistan, Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi. Addressing Majalis at different Imambargahs and Aza-Khanas, Ulema, Waizeen and Zakireen in their address threw light in detail, on the battle of right and evil highlighting the achievements of Beemar-e-Karbala (A.S.).

Khateebs in their sermons at Juma congregations while stressing the need to ensure sanctity and dignity of Ayyam-e-Aza said Muharram is commensurate with Shuhada-e-Karbala therefore the powers that be and the political circles should avoid political activities during the Ayyam-e-Aza. Syed Saqlain Ali Bokhari, Imam Juma Wal Jamaat Markazi Shia Jamia Masjid Darbar Shah Chan Chiragh addressing the central Juma congregation expressed complete solidarity with the freedom fighters of Karbala-e-Palestine and Kashmir, strongly condemned anti-Muslim riots in India and Israeli aggression in Palestine, and called upon all international organisations including the United Nations to fulfil their responsibilities by getting stopped the oppressed and naked activities of international colonial powers and their Zionist and Hindu agents forthwith. A resolution passed on the occasion strongly demanded from the government to give special attention to the "Ashra Beemar-e-Karbala" programmes by giving full coverage on the media.

Haji Ghulam Murtaza Chauhan, TNFJ District Rawalpindi President while addressing "Majlis Beemar-e-Karbala" at Imambargah Zainul Abideen said the grief of Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.) is the joint inheritance of all schools of thought because Hussain ibne Ali (A.S.) sacrificed all his belongings following the right path and gave an eternal lease of life to human values. He strongly demanded from the government to make special arrangements in Majalis and Azadari processions during the "Ashra Beemar-e-Karbala" and give proper coverage to these programmes on media.

Allama Syed Mohsin Ali Hamdani, TNFJ Provincial Council Punjab Caretaker while addressing "Majlis Beemar-e-Karbala" at Qasr-e-Abu Talib Mughalabad said after Shahadat-e-Hussain, Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.) highlighted the Paigham-e-Hussainiyyat on the whole world despite being chained. The Beemar-e-Karbala (A.S.), he said shattered Yazidi courts by delivering heart-rending addresses. A resolution moved on the occasion by Anjuman Ghulaman-e-Abu Talib was adopted which called upon the government to avoid political activities during Ayyam-e-Aza by pending the same till 8th Rabiul Awwal. Another resolution demanded immediate release of all innocent people including the TNFJ workers who were behind the bars for the last 85 days in different districts of the Punjab Province.

Khateeb Fateh-e-Farat while addressing an annual Majlis organised by Malik Zulfiqar Ali in Model Town Humak said Nawasa-e-Rasool Hussain ibne Ali (A.S.) is Nasir-e-Shariat while Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.) is the defender and protector of Paigham-e-Hussainiyyat who brought the religion of God to the brink of eternal life by bearing the brunt of chains, shackles and fetters. He said the courage and commitment of Syed-e-Sajjad (A.S.) is the best example to root out Yazidi aggression even today.


What philosophers say about Imam Hussain (AS)?

By: Abu Kareemah

Charles Dickens 

Charles Dickens had said the following about Imam Hussain (AS): "If Hussain fought to quench his worldly desires, then I do not understand why his sisters, wives and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore that he sacrificed purely for Islam." 

Thomas Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle has relayed this about the Tragedy of Karbala: "The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Hussain and his companions were the rigid believers of God. They illustrated that numerical superiority does not count when it comes to truth and falsehood.The victory of Hussain despite his minority marvels me!" 

Dr. K. Sheldrake 

The famous, Dr. K. Sheldrake on Imam Hussain (AS) said this: "Hussain marched with his little company not to glory, not to power or wealth, but to a supreme sacrifice and every member of that gallant band, male and female, knew that the foes were implacable, were not only ready to fight but to kill. Denied even water for the children, they remained parched under a burning sun, amid scorching sands yet no one faltered for a moment and bravely faced the greatest odds without flinching." 


Brown in his `A Literary History of Persia' writes: As a reminder, the blood-stained field of Karbala' where the grandson of the Apostle of God fell at length, tortured by thirst and surrounded by the bodies of his murdered kinsmen, has been at any time since then sufficient to evoke, even in the most lukewarm and heedless, the deepest emotion, the most frantic grief and the exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death shrink to unconsidered trifles. Yearly, on the tenth day of Muharram, the tragedy is rehearsed in Persia, in India, in Turkey, in Egypt, wherever a Shiite community or colony exists; ... As I write it all comes back; the wailing chant, the sobbing multitudes, the white raiment red with blood from self-inflicted wounds, the intoxication of grief and sympathy. 


World famous Arab historian al-Fakhri has said this about Imam Hussain's sacrifice: "This is a catastrophe whereof I care not to speak at length, deeming it alike too grievous and too horrible. For verily, it was a catastrophe than that which naught more shameful has happened in Islam...There happened therein such a foul slaughter as to cause man's flesh to creep with horror. And again I have dispersed with my long description because of it's notoriety, for it is the most lamented of catastrophes." 

Sir Muhammad Iqbal says: 

Imam Husayn uprooted despotism forever till the Day of Resurrection. He watered the dry garden of freedom with the surging wave of his blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim nation. If Imam Husayn had aimed at acquiring a worldly empire, he would not have traveled the way he did (from Medina to Karbala). Husayn weltered in blood and dust for the sake of truth. Verily he, therefore, became the bed-rock (foundation) of the Muslim creed; la ilaha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah). 

Ronay wala hoon Shaheed-e-Kerbala key gham men main, 
Kya durey maqsad na dengey Saqiye Kausar mujhey 
I am one who weeps at the plight of the Martyr of Kerbala
Won't the reward be given to me by the Keeper of Kauser 

Allama Iqbal in his Baqiyat (in Urdu) 


"He gave his head, but did not put his hand into the hands of Yazid. Verily, Husayn is the foundation of la ilaha illa Allah. Husayn is lord and the lord of lords. Husayn himself is Islam and the shield of Islam. Though he gave his head (for Islam) but never pledged Yazid. Truly Husayn is the founder of "There is no Deity except Allah." 

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain,
Deen ast Hussain, Deen e Panah ast Hussain, 
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed, 
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain 

It's Hussain the Prince, it's Hussain the king, 
He is Faith, and Faith's Defender most daring, 
He preferred death to Yazid's allegiance,
With his blood, Islam has verily been living.


The Martyrdom Of Imam Husayn - An Epic Poem

By: Abu Kareemah

A Point To Ponder -- The Devil's Pawns

Why didn't they capture this poor helpless boy?
Why did they kill him? What did they want to destroy?
They were pawns of The Devil, whod make evil seem good.
They were puppets of Satan, with souls made of wood.

Theyre ancestors fought to keep shirk alive.
And when The Prophet's star rose, and their's took a dive,
Their tongues professed Islam, with hearts stained by shirk.
They held on to shirk's culture, and each sick mushrick quirk.

That's how they came into power, and they intended to stay.
They used deen for a platform, not a light for The Day
When all will be judged by The All Seeing Lord.
They saw deen as a weapon, a two edged sword.

They saw The Household Of Prophet, as a block in their way.
This chaste righteous household could make people stray
From the path of the rulers, with their talk of Dooms Day,
And their slick talks on reason, and justice and law.
When they opened their mouths, folks listened in awe.

Who can compete with the best of the best?
So in order to put the whole issue to rest, 
They wanted Prophet's clan murdered, or kept under duress.
To maintain their positions which they stole to possess.

They wanted to set an example for all Muslims to see
How harshly they dealt with even their kin who turned enemy.
They felt ruling by fear, nepotism, and greed
Would preserve their ascendance for the seed of Yazeed.
Most of the soldiers had no part in those kills,
But they also were guilty, because they just stood there and watched, 
thinking this was God's will.

They knew who was Prophet, and that these were his sons.
They knew who was Yazeed, and what his people had done.
They knew Abu Suffyyan, and they knew about Hind.
They knew about Muawiyyah, and his treasonous sin.
They knew about heaven, and they knew about hell.
But they believed not in justice, and how Satan fell.

They knew better to bow, behind a mean, evil fool.
They knew better to bow, to a damned Satan's rule.
But they bowed and agreed to be that damned Devil's tool.
And in a panic they trampled the best boy and the school.

This illegal government's band of gutless psycho-paths,
Continued assaulting the youths of Husayn and earning God's wrath.
Muslim ibn Aqeel's pre-teenage son was shot with an arrow that pinned his 
hand to the top of his forehead
By a so called Muslim who followed a tyrant without question, and thus was 

Then the small beardless child was impaled on a spear.
Grown men killing children, without God conscious fear.

The three sons of Ja‚far, who flies with two wings, 
Were killed by these people, in the name of their kings.
The very same Ja‚far who lead the first emigration,
From Mekka to Ethiopia, a good Christian nation.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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