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  Updated: August 17, 2008

Imam Mahdi (A): World is in Search of You

By: Zahir Hosein Yazdi

The world is in the search of you
The blow of air brings the message of you
Every mornings brings new hope of life,
But the life is nothing without you
Oh! my beloved Imam, look at us
We are in the great need of you
Look at the miserable life of Muslims,
They are crying in the pain for you
You are the dreams of Almighty,
The hope for the weak who rely on you
My morning is sad and my evening is too,
I past my days thinking of you
Rivers are flowing in the speed of trill,
But the pace of our life is slow without you
Orphans are crying in an hour of need,
They want help, a help of you
People are living in the dept of ignorance,
Searching for the light, and the light is you
Our hearts are full of greave and worries,
Tears are following in the memory of you
Our eyes are wandering in the desert of life,
But they can't find any threw of you
We will pray for you till the last breath of our life,
Now the life is ending, the image of you
The world is in the search of you
The blow of air brings the message of you

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