Ulema in the light of Ahadith

By: Group Nineteen, Turkey

Bismillah Hirrahman Nirraheem

“Innama yakhshallaha min ebadehil ulemao” (Surah Fatir, Ayah 28)

(From among His servants, it is the learned who fear Allah).

Knowledge has been termed the very base of Deen (Religion/faith) and those who possess knowledge have been considered the inheritors of Prophets (AS). Therefore, it is said: “Al-Ulemao warasatul Ambia”.

Group Nineteen is going to achieve the honour of presenting 33 ahadith regarding the respect and excellence of Ulema/scholars (Ulema e Haq whose deeds are in accordance with their words).

In the name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

1- Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said: Allah The Sublime has termed casting a look at the houses of Ulema as “Ibadah”. (Iddatud Da’ee)

2- Whenever you go to an Aalim (learned man) and there are people along side him. Say salam to all but specially to the aalim with respect. (Kafi)

3- Hazrat Imam Jafer sadiq (AS) said that an aalim (learned man) is supreme than one thousand worshippers and devotees. And an aalim from whose knowledge people get advantage is supreme than the worship of 70, 000 worshippers. (kalma e Tayyabah)

4- Hazrat Imam Jafer Sadiq (AS) said Allah would weigh the ink of the pen of ulema (learned man) with the blood of martyrs on the Day of Judgment. The ink of the pen of ulema will overcome the blood of martyrs. (kalma e Tayyabah)

5- Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said that sitting of an aalim on his bed with his pillow and deliberation in ilm (knowledge) is better than 70-year worship of a worshipper. (kalma e Tayyabah)

6- Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) said that the example of an aalim is that of a candle, which light is beneficial for people and when a man sees this candle prays for it. Aalim removes darkness as candle does. So a man who gets salvation from darkness due to this light he is free of hell and Allah grants to that aalim in turn for that freed body reward which is supreme than 1,000 rakat prayer performed in Ka’aba. (Beharul Anwaar)

7- Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said that supremacy of an aalim (learned man) over an aabid (worshipper) is like that of sun over stars. And supremacy of a worshipper over others is like that of moon over stars. (kalma e Tayyabah)

8- Aaimmah (AS) said that ziarat of ulema is favourite in the sight of Allah than 70 circumambulation of Holy Ka’aba and is better than 70 accepted hajj and umrah. Allah elevates 70 grades for him and showers his mercy upon him and angles give evidence that paradise is obligatory upon him. (Iddatud Da’ee)

9- Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (AS) said if it is not possible to visit our graves then visit virtuous momneen (ulma e Haqqa) – (it means he will have the same reward as if he visits Masumeen (AS)’s Holy graves).

10- Hazrat Ameerul Momeneen (Ali yibne Abi Talib (AS)) said to make a look at an aalim is dearer to Allah than one year of etakaf e Baitullah (retirement to Ka’aba for continued prayer). (Iddatud Da’ee)

11- It is reported from Hazrat Ameerul Momeneen (Ali yibne Abi Talib (AS)) that Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said an Aalim (learned man) has such supremacy over an Abid (worshipper) as the moon of 14th night has over all stars. (Irshad, Sheikh Mofid)

12- Aimmah (AS) said a momin who sits close to an aalim for a moment, Allah says ‘By my honour, dignity and glory I will surely seat him (momin) with aalim (learned man) in paradise’. (Amaali)

13- Hazrat Ameeral Momeneen (AS) said sitting with ulma (learned men) for a moment is dearer to Allah than the worship of 1,000 years. (Iddatud Da’ee)

14- The author of Kalma e Tayyabah says example of an aalim is that of a scent seller. At the time of meeting scent seller, a man’s mind is scented with the fragrance of scent even if he does not buy it. Likewise meeting with an aalim gives benefit. Therefore a hadith says that to cast a look at an aalim’s face is ibadat. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

15- Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said to have a look at the face of an aalim (learned man) is dearer to Allah than 60 years of worship. (Jame ul Akhbar)

16- Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said that if an aalim (learned man) and a student enter a village or city of Muslims and drink milk from there, Allah due to his blessing raises the torment from Ahle Qaboor (people in graves) of that village or city for 40 days. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

17- Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) said one rakat of an aalim faqih is supreme than 70,000 rakaat of a worshipper. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

18- Aimmah (AS) said the sleep of an aalim (learned man) is worship. (Jamalus Salehin)

19- Aimmah (AS) said angels love ulama, and pray for them, and all creatures (as well) even the fish in rivers and animals in deserts ask forgiveness for aalim (learned man). (Jamalus Salehin)

20- Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) said the status of an aalim is as higher than a worshipper as traveling of 500 years. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

21- Fazil Syyed Mohammad Baqir Bin Sharif Hussaini Isfahani who was from among ulama of the period of Nadir Shah, reports in Book Noor Al-Oyoon that an aalim went to Sultan Ameer Ismail Samani, Sultan of Khurasan, for some important matter. The sultan paid much respect to the aalim and he went with him for seven steps at the time of aalim’s departure. In the night, the sultan saw Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) in his dream saying that you have respected one aalim from my ummah so I prayed from Allah Almighty to keep you honoured in the world. And you went with him for seven steps so this sultanate would remain in your progeny for seven generations. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

22- Imam (AS) says aalim (learned man) among ignorant is as alive among dead. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

23- Hazrat Imam Zainul Abidin (AS) said that presence of a discerning man in religion is tougher on Satan as compared to one thousand worshippers. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

24- Holy prophet (PBUH&HP) said the supremacy of an aalim is 70 steps high than a worshipper and among every step is the expanse of one year. Because Satan causes innovation in people while aalim removes it and the worshipper remains busy in his worship. (Maniyatul Morid Shahid Sani)

25- Holy prophet (PBUH&HP) said the supremacy of an aalim (learned man) over an abid (worshipper) is like mine over lowest man from among you. Allah, angels, residents of heavens and earth even ants in their holes and fish in rivers invoke blessings upon the man who teaches people aml e khair (good deed). (Kalma e Tayyabah)

26- Aimmah (AS) said Allah The Sublime revealed upon prophet Daniyal (AS) that the ignorant from among the persons who invited My (Allah) wrath is that who considers the right of learned men less and does not follow them. And that person is nearer to me from among dearest persons who is pious and seeker of thawab, and the follower of ulama. (Maniyatul Morid)

27- Aimmah (AS) said that to offer prayer after an aalim in some place other than mosque is equal to 1,000 rakat while to offer prayer after him in Jamia Mosque is equal to one lakh rakat. (Maniyatul Morid)

28- Aimmah (AS) said that aalim is he whose act certifies his words, and who does not act so he is not an aalim.

This hadith tells that an aalim cannot be with abundance of knowledge unless he acts upon it. Aalim is he who avoid sins and leads his life in piety, abstinence and obedience of Allah, and prefers hereafter upon this world, always says truth and avoids false. Lace himself with good qualities and off himself from evils. As much as knowledge he possesses more humbleness should be in him. Therefore, one day Hazrat Christ (AS) said to his Hawariyyin that he want from them something. They said O Ruhullah we accept what you want. So Hazrat Christ washed their feet and another hadith says that Hazrat Christ also kissed. Hawariyyin said that the act done by you was the act, which we must do. Hazrat Christ (AS) said only ulma e din deserve the service and entertainment, and what I did was an act to tell you that to what extent hospitality be shown. (Jamalus Salehin)

29- Aimmah (AS) said that when an aalim (learned man) dies, at that time angels, all those places where he worshipped and the doors of heavens where his deeds were sent, all cry for him and there a crack created in religion that no one has its remedy.

30- Aimmah (AS) said that 70 sins of ignorant are forgiven then Aalim (learned man)’s one sin is pardoned. (Jamalus Salehin)

31- Holy prophet (pbuh&hp) said that a man who sits with an aalim for a while a call is made to him from Allah that you sit to my beloved. By My honour I will enter you in paradise with him. (Amaali)

32- Holy prophet (pbuh&hp) said that sitting in the company of an Aalim is supreme than going with one thousand funerals, visiting one thousands patients, offering one thousand namaz e shab, keeping fasts for one thousand days, giving one thousand dirham in alms, performing one thousand hajj and one thousand jehad. (Rozatul waizeen)

33- Hazrat Ali (AS) said he who sits in the company of ulama (learned men), he will be honoured. (Darus Salam)


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