Ethiopia – Land of peace and prospects

Courtesy: Muhammad Ali
By: Hashim Hassanali Okera

Ethiopia is one of the countries where Islam reached in its early stage. During 610 A.D. when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH&HPP) started his mission on teaching Islam, time went on and the number of Muslims increased. The Quraysh Arabs who worshipped idols as other Gods began persecuting them and planned to kill Prophet Mohammed (PBUH&HPP) and his followers. In the face of this persecution, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH&HPP) advised a number of his followers too to seek refuge in Abyssinia - Habashat saying, “Till Allah wills, to give us strength to defend ourselves go to Abyssinia and abide there. It is a land of righteousness, her king is just and none suffer under him.” (Giday 1992 page 124 – 125)

The country in its long history has been known as Abyssinia, which was adopted from its ancient tribes Habashat like many other African societies, Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state embracing various ethnic groups with many divers languages together. (A History of Ethiopia 1997)

In the Arab world still Ethiopians are known as Habash the name apparently came “from one the tribes that inhabited the Ethiopian region the pre-Christian era. (B.Zewde, 1991:1). Religion plays an enormous role in the lives of most Ethiopians...( Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co. (1965), pg. 21)

The age of Ethiopia

The most contested matter about Ethiopia is the dispute on the age. As young Historian put it: “Ethiopian history is as old as one wants to be” (Tesale Tibebu, 1995).

Ethiopia is one of these countries, which fate and irony have conspired to make it as ancient as 6,000 years old. (Muchie and Papdopoulos)

Muslims in Ethiopia

Muslims in Ethiopia are in majority but Emperor Heile Sellessei spread myth in the world that Ethiopia is Christian land and Christian are in majority. Naturally this was in interest of west and Zionist regime that wanted to control the Red Sea. All western countries support Ethiopia as Christian lands and Muslims were isolated from the rest of the world. The Emperor Heile Sellessei used to see Ethiopia is the Christian island in Muslim ocean.

"Islam, the second of the major religions in Ethiopia, made its first appearance at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HPP), several of whose earliest followers found refuge at Aksum. Their faith has many adherents in modern Ethiopia, particularly towards the east, south and west of the country.” Pankhurst, Richard. (Let's Visit Ethiopia. London, UK: Burke Publishing Co. (1984), pg. 25)

"The latest census says that Ethiopia's population is forty-two million... It is estimated that about 40% are Christians and about 40% are Muslims." (Fradin, Dennis Brindell. Ethiopia (series: Enchantment of the World). Chicago: Children’s Press (1988), pg. 88)

"Ethiopia... Yet, although Christianity is the official religion, almost half the population is Moslem and considerable numbers of pagans thrive in isolated groups throughout the land." (Cavendish, Richard (ed.). Man, Myth & Magic: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural (vol. 6). New York: Marshall Cavendish Corp. (1970), pg. 841)

Muslim 45%-50%, Ethiopian Orthodox 35%-40%, animist 12%, other 3%-8%; Total Population: 58,732,577. CIA World Factbook web site (viewed Aug. 1998)

Prospects in Ethiopia

Ethiopia with population of 60 million is one of the fast developing countries. The people of Ethiopia are so hospitable and respectful. The business prospects are very good. The myth which west used to spread Ethiopia as dry country is extremely exaggerated. Spices, cereals, red chilies, coffee can be easily exported from Ethiopia.

(Extract from Ethiopia towards Democracy - ethno religious groups 1999 by Hashim Hassanali Okera acknowledge by Stockholm School of Theology, Stockholm, Sweden)


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