Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S)'s Dua'a

"Praise be to Allah Who is the first and no one was first before Him, Who is the last and no one will be the last after Him. Allah--------eyes of the seeing ones are power less to see Him, intellects of those who praise, are unable to praise Him. He created the universe with His omnipotence and invented them according to His will. Then moved them on the path of His will and induced them on the way of His love. No one is able to lag behind from the limits, towards which He has moved them forward, and to go forward from the limits from which He has kept them behind. He has apportioned the sustenance for each living being from His Rizq (subsistence). To whom He has given more, no one could decrease it and to whom he has granted less no one could increase it. Then He has fixed a time of his life and has settled a specified period for him towards which he steps forward up to that when he reached the end of his life and complete his life-time, Allah cause to send him after seizing his soul towards the fathomless reward (sawaab) towards which He had called him or towards that terrifying punishment being mentioned to him. This is so that He punish the wrong-doers of their wrong deeds and reward good to good-doers on the basis of His adl (justice). His blessings are visible in his pure names. He could not be inquired for His acts but His servants will be inquired.

And Praise be to Allah Who if would not tell His servants the way of praise over His series of favours and consecutive blessings then they would use them but not praise Him, and would spend in His subsistence freely but not thank Him and if they would be so then they would cross the humanly limits and entered the limits of animals and their example would that of what He has said in His Book: "They are like animals but more misled than those"(al Quran).

Praise be to Allah who has caused Himself to be recognized and taught us how to thank and praise, and opened the doors of ilm (knowledge) upon us with His Rabubiyyat (providence) and guided us towards sincerity in Tauheed(oneness of Allah), and protected us from shirk (polytheism) in your matter. Such a praise because of which we spend our life in those people who praise Him from among His creatures and take lead upon those who have taken the lead towards His pleasure and forgiveness. Such a praise which illuminate the darkness of Barzakh for us and make easy the paths of resurrection day for us which enhance our honour, respect and status in the gathering of Hasher. the day when every one will get what he did and nobody will suffer injustice.. the day when neither a friend will prove to be of any use for his friend nor will they be helped. Such a praise which caused us to reach the elevated class/grade in Jannat (heaven), which is being mentioned in kitabim-marqoom (written book). This book is cared by the Angels which are muqarraboon (close). Such a praise due to which our eyes get coolness in the day when all eyes will be stricken with fear, and our faces be luminous and shining when all faces will be dark and gloomy. Such a praise because of which we come to His gracious neighborhood by getting freedom and liberation from that of painful fire. Such a praise through which we be with the Angels who are muqarrabeen, and gather with Prophets who are mursaleen, in the eternal destination and high status which will not decline and change.

Praise be to Allah who chose all qualities of creation for us and made arrangement of pure and pakeeza subsistence for us and gave us preference over all His creatures by granting us mastery and domination. So the entire universe is ready to obey us with His omnipotence and due to His exaltation.

Praise be to Allah Who has closed all the doors of seeking needs/wishes except His' for us. So how can we perform His praise and when pay thanks Him No, thanks to Him could not be returned, and praise be to Allah who has placed in us the muscles and limbs which are expanding and drawing close and has prospered us with the ease and comfort of life and granted us working organs and brought us up with His pure subsistence and made us rich with His grace and blessed us with His favour and Kindness. Then He ordered us to follow His commands so to test us in obedience and prohibited us from doing wrong so to try our thanks. But we deviated from the path of His commands and did, from which He prohibited us, even then He didn't hurry to punish us but behaved us tenderly with His grace and remained waiting with His tolerance & compassion that we would come to the right path.

Praise be to Allah who guided us towards repentance and we have got it because of His grace, and if we would not count any of His blessings but this repentance then only this repentance is a great blessing and a magnificent favour for us because the way of repentance was not so easy for the people before us as it is for us. He removed from us what we are not able to bear and did not impose any overwhelming responsibility on us but only what is easy, and didn't let excuse for any of us. So only he will be perished who leave him and he who incline towards Him will be fortunate.

Praise be to Allah-------such a praise which is being performed by His muqarrab (close) angels, greatest creatures and favourite panegyrists, such a praise which is above all praise same as our Allah is above all creatures. Then praise be to Allah for His each and every blessing which He has granted us and to those who were before us and to those who will after us. Which (praise) be equal in number to all those things He knows, and be more and more for each blessing and be enternal till the day of Judgment. Such a praise which has no limits and number of which is countless. The utmost limits of which are inaccessible and the duration of which never come to an end. Such a praise-------Which become a mean of His obedience and forgiveness, source of His pleasure and salvation, and the path which lead towards heaven (jannat), and the shelter from His punishment and a protection from His wrath, and helpful in His obedience, and an obstacle in the way of sin and helpful in paying His rights. Such a praise------through which we be fortunate by joining His fortunate friends and be in the list of those martyrs, martyred by the swords of His enemies. No doubt, He is the lord and praise worthy.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Abstain from an action which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly. Refrain from a deed which you will have to accept as evil or bad, or for which you will have to tender an apology or excuse".
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S))

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