The 4 special deputies of Imam-e-Zamana (ATF) – Part 2

By: Fatimah

The Second Deputy:

Abu Jafar Mohammad Bin Uthman Bin Saeed Amri

Abu Jafar Mohammad Bin Uthman Bin Saeed Amri succeeded his father after the latter passed away. Imam Hasan Askari (A.S.) himself had emphasized for his deputyship.

Imam e Zamana (ATF), in his Tawqee (a signed letter) to Mohammad Bin Mahaziar, said about Mohammad bin Uthman, thus: "May God protect him, He was our trustworthy person even during his father's life time. May God be pleased with him and his father and bless their souls. He is the successor to his father and has taken his place. Whatever he says on our behalf, are our quotes and he follows our orders dutifully. May God help him. Deeply follow his instructions and seek our opinion through him".

In his Tawqee to Ishaq Ibn Yaqoob, Imam (ATS) said:

“May God be pleased with Mohammad Bin Uthman and his father. He is my confidante and reliable man. His writings are my writings.”

He was the special representative of Imam (ATS) for approximately forty years. In the very first Tawqee, which he received, there was a condolence message on the demise of his father. Its contents are as follows:

“We have come from Allah and unto Him shall we return (Al-Quran). We accept his orders and are satisfied with His commands. Your father passed a decent life and faced a decent death. May God have mercy upon him and enumerate him among His servants (Imams). He was always engrossed in their work. He always strove unceasingly in those works, which elevated him in front of God and helped him gained approximately to the Imam (A.S.) May God make him happy and condone his sins. May God increase your rewards and accept your difficulties. You are grief stricken, so are we; his death has affected us as much as it has affected you. May God make him happier in that life. It was due to his sincerity and decency that he was honored with a son like you who has become his heir and successor.”

Ibn Nooh narrates from the Abu Nasr, the nephew of Abu Jafar that he had written many books, one of which was on jurisprudence. He wrote whatever he had heard from Imam-e-Zamana (ATS) and his father Uthman. One of these books was “Kital-ul-ashraban” which was passed on after his death to Husayn Bin-Rooh and after him, probably to Ali Ibne-Mohammad Seymouri.

Shaykh Saduq (A.R.) narrates from Mohammad Ibne-Uthman: “I swear by God, Saheb-ul-Amr (ATF) comes to Mecca every year to perform the rituals of Hajj. He sees the people and recognizes them but they do not recognize him even after seeing him.”

Mohammad Bin Uthman was once asked if he had seen Imam-e-Zamana (ATF). He answered “Yes”, the last time that I saw him was in the Holy Kaaba, praying, “O Allah fulfill what you have promised me”, and then I saw him catching the curtain of Mustajaar-a door opposite to the main door of Kaaba and praying, “O Allah take revenge of your enemies through me”.

Abu Ali, Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Ahmed narrates, “One day Mohammad Ibn Uthman took me and showed his grave and said, “I will die on such day. I will be buried here and this tablet will be with me” (the tablet was inscribed with some Quranic verses and the names of Imams (AS)).

When asked about the cause of showing his grave, he replied, “I have been ordered to finish all my duties and set things straight”.

A few years before his death whenever he was asked about his successor he used to send them to Husayn Bin Rauh.

He was died in the month of Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 305 A.H. He is buried alongside his respected mother in Baghdad, near Kufa Gate Where he resided.


The First Deputy: Abu Amr Uthman Ibne Saeed Amri

Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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