Excerpts from the last will of Imam Khomeini - Part 1

By: Bintul Huda

Imam Khomeini said: ... Let me say at this point that this politico-religious testament of mine is not made with the noble people of Iran only. Rather, It is recommended for all Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world regardless of religion or nationality ...

(On Saturday evening, June 3, 1989 Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (R.A.), the great leader of the Islamic revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, passed away and joined the high heaven. In Imam Khomeini's demise the world lost a great history making revolutionary and a matchless leader who awakened the Muslims, revived Islam and restored to it its pristine grandeur by his honourable life.

Imam Khomeini divine and political last will and testament which he himself penned as a momentous spiritual legacy to the Iranian nation and to all Muslims of the world, will remain as an excellent and unique document in that it covers the important Islamic and revolutionary principles in a comprehensive form.)

In The Name of God The Compassionate, the Merciful

The Messenger of God has said, "Verily I am leaving with you the two most valuable and weighty objects: the Book of God and my household (the Thaqalain). Indeed these two shall not part with each other until they join up with me by the pond" (of Kowthar in Paradise on the Day of Judgement). (The Prophetic Tradition of Thaqalain)

To Allah belongs all praise. Glorified is Thy Name, O God, bless Muhammad (saww) and his household who are manifestations of Your Beauty and Magnanimity and the secret treasures of Your Book, the Book that crystallizes Your Oneness in all Your Names and Divine Attributes, including the one that none but Yourself knows. And let there be curse on those who oppressed the Prophet (SAWW) and his household, those that belonged to the wretched pedigree.

At the outset to this prologue, it appears proper to briefly comment on the two most exalted and momentous objects of trust, not on their transcendental, spiritual, or mystical aspects, an area into which pens such as mine are unable to venture as it is a domain of molk, the cognition of which covers all circles of beings, from earth to heaven and beyond to His Divine presence including circles that lie beyond the comprehension of our intellects. Nor do I mean to comment on that which has befallen humanity due to its negligence of the true nature and status of the greater trust The Holy Quran and that of the great trust The Household of the Prophet (SAWW). Also I do not intend to recount here all that has befallen these two most valuable divine trusts (The Thaqalain) by the enemies of God and the treacherous followers of the tyrants as these are too many for me to enumerate, given my limited knowledge and time.

I thought that I might make a passing remark about what has happened to these two most valuable treasures. Perhaps the phrase, "... which will never part with each other until they join me by the pond ...implies that after the death of the Prophet (SAWW), the Book of God and the household of the Prophet (SAWW) shall receive similar treatment. Whatever is made of one, the other suffers the same until both descend on the Prophet (SAWW) and unite with him by the Pond. Moreover the cruelty to which these two divine trusts, nay the entire humanity including the Islamic ummah (nation), were subjected by the followers of the tyrants and their stooges defy description by pen.

It should be mentioned that the Thaqalain which is a mutawatir (an unbroken chain of recorded traditions) Tradition has been quoted, cited and adduced successively by Muslim ulema (foqaha, learned religious authorities or jurists), in both Shia and Sunni denominations as proof positive for all mankind, especially for Muslims in all sects and branches. Let us now see what befell this book of God, this Divine Trust and the bequest of the prophet of Islam. The sad events for which tears may well be shed, began to take place following the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (AS). Selfish people, followers of taghoots (despotic, pagan rulers) abused the Holy Quran as a mean by which to establish anti-Quranic rules.

To achieve this they forced off the scenes the true interpreters of the Quran and others who had received all of the Holy Book directly from the Prophet (SAWW) and whose ears still echoed with the voice of His Holiness Muhammad (SAWW) as he had said, "... I am leaving with you the two most valuable objects...' Thus, the Quran, which was to be man's guide to moral and material life to the Last Day, was shelved and the rule of divine justice that was, and still is, one of the ideals of the holy Book, was all forgotten.

Perversion of the Book of Divine Traditions and of God's religion reached a shameful stage it became the rule. The more this warped and distorted condition advanced, the more the Holy Quran that had been sent down for the betterment of man, was forced into oblivion. The Quran was sent down by the Omniscient God to Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) to complete and seal such divine revelations; to unite humanity and advance him to his rightful station; to rescue this issue of the divine attributes from tyranny and evil; to institute the rule of justice and equity and to confer sovereignty to the Infallible and divine authorities that they in turn hand over such divine sovereignty to qualified worthy persons, was removed from all areas as though it had had no mission to guide mankind. In the hands of oppressive rulers and wicked akhunds (Muslim clergymen, sometimes used in a derogatory manner), who were more decadent than the taghooti (despotic) rulers the Holy Quran was abused as an instrument of oppression, cruelty and corruption and was distorted to justify acts of tyranny by the enemies of God.

We all witnessed that whoever spoke of Islamic rule or of politics, which is the major role of Islam and its Prophet (SAWW), or of the Quran and Islamic traditions, was regarded as one who had committed grave sins.

In recent years major satanic powers have, through their puppet regimes who sham Islam, undertaken to reprint and publish the Holy Quran, distorting sacred verses to serve their devilish ends. Such Qurans are published with attractive calligraphy and binding and are distributed everywhere with the aim of eventually removing the Holy Book from all scenes.

We are proud, and our dedicated nation is proud, that we adhere to a faith in which the Holy Quran speaks of the unity of all Muslims and the oneness of mankind. We are proud that our faith has retrieved the Quran from the cemeteries and has saved this Holy Book as man's prescription for freedom from all physical, mental and intellectual bonds that push him deeper into slavery and nothingness. We are proud to be followers of a religion whose founder has been designated by divine commandment and in which Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS), this servant of God, free of all bonds and shackles of servitude and serfdom, has been appointed to deliver mankind from all the chains of slavery and thralldom. We are honoured that the book Nahjul-Balagha which is next to the Quran, is man's great manuscript for salvation, moral and material existence and the greatest instrument for just rule and government, has our Infallible Imam, Ali (AS) as its author.

We are proud to have had as our leaders the Infallible Imams, from Ali (AS) down to Hazrat Mahdi (AS) who, by the grace of God, lives in occultation, and watches our doings.

We are honoured to have our Infallible Imams as authors of such exalted, superb and life-giving prayers of supplication (referred to as The Ascending Quran (Quran-e-Sa-ed)), as the Shabaniah prayer, the Arafat Prayer of Imam Hussein (AS), the Sahifah Sajjadiah, these psalms of the Household of Muhammad (SAWW), and the Sahifah Fatimiah (SA) revealed by the Lord to Her Holiness Fatima Zahra (AS). We are honoured to have had as our fifth Infallible Imam, Baqer-ul-uloom (AS) (profound knowledge, a title given to the fifth Imam), this superlative world personality whose true station can be appreciated by none save Allah, His Prophet (pbuh&hp) and the Infallible Imams (pbut).

We are proud to be followers of the Jaaferi Faith whose fiqh (religious legislation and jurisprudence) is a boundless ocean. We are proud of all our Infallible Imams (the 12 innocent ones) and we are committed to follow them. We are honoured that our Infallible Imams (AS) suffered imprisonment, banishment and finally attained martyrdom in their efforts to advance Islam; to implement the teachings and commandments of the Holy Quran-of which the establishment of the sovereignty of justice is but one dimension - and; to overthrow the rule of the oppressors and of the arrogant. Today, we feel proud that we seek to re-institute the objectives of the Holy Quran and Tradition and that the various layers of our nation sacrifice their lives, properties and loved ones for this holy cause.

We are proud that our women, young and old, regardless of their status, are present and active, side by side with the men, often more active than men, in all scenes including cultural, economic and military areas. They strive, sometimes more effectively than the men, for the propagation of Islamic teachings.

Our nation, indeed all Islamic nations as well as the meek and oppressed are pleased to see that their enemies, who are the enemies of Almighty God, of Islam and of the Holy Quran, are indeed savages who do not desist from committing any criminal acts to promote their mean purposes and who are unable to tell a friend from a foe in achieving treacherous goals. The USA is the foremost enemy of Islam. It is a terrorist state by nature that has set fire to everything everywhere and its ally, the international Zionism does not stop short of any crime to achieve its base and greedy desires, crimes that the tongue and pen are ashamed to utter or write.

I now take this opportunity to advise the oppressed and noble nations, including our own, to stay firmly on this divine straight path that leads neither to the atheistic (Mulhid) East nor to the oppressive, pagan West, but to the path which the Almighty God has decreed for us.

I further advise not to be negligent even for a single moment in being grateful for this blessing.

Let no polluted hand of a superpower, or its agents, whether domestic or foreign, affect your determination and will.

I earnestly ask all Muslim nations to follow the practices and traditions of the Infallible Imams (AS) in respect of political, social, economic and military affairs and to sacrifice for their sake whatever may be required.

Do not ever the daily congregational prayers.

Also, never neglect the mourning ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of the Innocent Imams (AS) particularly that of the Master of All Martyrs his Holiness Abi Abdullah Hussein (AS), may God, His Angels, the prophets and saints bless his great, valiant soul!

Let all know that the decrees of the Imams (AS) regarding the observance of this great epic event of Islam and all the curses levied against the enemies of Ahl-e Bayt (the Household of the Prophet are, in fact, the heroic cries of nations against agents of tyranny throughout history. You should know that the damnation and curses against the then injustices of the Bani Omayyads, who were annihilated and cast into the Hell, reflect the cries of protest by the people against the oppressors of the world and it is the perpetuation of such cries of protest that shatters oppression. It is necessary that the crimes of the tyrants in each age and era be regularly condemned in the cries of lamentation and in the recitals of elegies held for the Infallible Imams (AS).

Let me say at this point that this politico-religious testament of mine is not made to the noble people of Iran only. Rather, it is recommended for all Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world regardless of religion or nationality. I humbly pray that Almighty God does not leave us and our nations to ourselves even for a moment. May He not withhold His blessings from the children of Islam and the cherished Muslim combatants.

Ruhollah Al-Musavi Al-Kbomeini


TNFJ Markazi Ayyam ul Huzn Committee nominates conveners inside & outside Pak

By: Salman Alvi

RAWALPINDI, June 2: The Markazi Ayyam Al-Huzn Committee of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has nominated conveners in all the four provinces including Northern Areas, Azad Kashmir and outside Pakistan to observe the death anniversary of Negehban-e-Risalat, Nasir-e-Shariat, Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.).

According to Convener of Markazi Ayyam Al-Huzn Committee, M.H. Jafri the conveners nominated are: Allama Basharat Hussain Imami (Islamabad), Syed Abu Jafar Naqvi (Punjab), Syed Luftullah Shah Lakyari (Sindh), Muhammad Ali Advocate (Balochistan), Sardar Mumtaz Ali Qazilbash (Sarhad), Maulana Akhund Ghulam Muhammad Ammoni (Northern Areas), Riaz Hussain Kazmi (Azad Kashmir), Tahir Kazmi (America), Syed Zahid Naqvi (Britain), Mukhtar Bangash (Middle East).

The Markazi Convener has appealed the Muslim Ummah to display exemplary unity and brotherhood during the "Ayyam Al-Huzn" so as to thwart every conspiracy of the enemies of Islam, colonial powers and their Zionist and Hindu agents, present condolences of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) to the Holy Prophet (SAW), and offer special prayers for the solidarity of Pakistan and supremacy of the Islamic World.


Supreme leader pays tributes to late Imam Khomeini

By: Sheikh Muhammad Khurasani

TEHRAN, Iran: The Iran's supreme leader Ayatullah Ali Khameini on Sunday paid rich tributes to the founder of Islamic Revolution Imam Roohullah Khomeini and said the movement of late Imam laid the foundation of Islamic Jihad and sacrifice and gave a new life to the Palestinian cause and aspirations.

In his message to the "international conference on Imam Khomeini and support for Palestine" on Sunday, the leader said: "The conference is yet another symbolic and valuable initiative intended to inspire the struggles of the Palestinian people against the occupiers."

More than 160 senior officials from host country Iran and 23 other countries are participating in the conference.

"The brutal and repressive Zionist regime supported by the US, world Zionism and the reactionary crusaders wishfully think that their criminal behavior and catastrophic atrocities will force the Palestinians to surrender. This is a sheer mistake... The executioners and murderers of Tel-Aviv could only kill scores of innocent civilians and destroy Palestinian towns. They have never been able to destroy the resolute determination of the Palestinians," Ayatullah Khameini said.

He urged Muslims all over the world to mobilize all material and spiritual resources to boost the morale of the Palestinian people in their holy Jihad against the occupiers.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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