Excerpts from the last will of Imam Khomeini - Part 2

By: Bintul Huda

In The Name of God The Compassionate the Merciful

The significance of the glorious Islamic Revolution which came to be through the efforts of millions of worthy men and the blood of thousands of martyrs and disabled veterans and which is regarded as a source of hope and inspiration to millions of oppressed human beings, is so great that it defies evaluation by pen or tongue.

I, Ruhullah al Musavi al Khomeini, ever mindful of the Lord's bounty in spite of my shortcomings and having as provision for my hazardous course only my hope and trust in His Munificence; and, as a humble talaba who, like all other brothers-in-faith have faith in this revolution and the everlastingness and perpetuation of its achievements and its fruition, undertake to present the following as my covenant and will with the present and future generations. I pray that God may grant me sincerity of purpose in making these remarks:

1- We all know that the great revolution which severed the tentacles of the tyrannical world-mongers from the face and form of Iran was made possible by divine grace only.

2- Islam and Islamic government are divine phenomena the utilization of which insures the happiness of man for all times in this and in the next world. They can put an end to injustice and corruption and help man achieve ideal perfection. Contrary to non-monotheistic schools of thought, Islam is concerned with and supervises man in all his individual, social, economic and military affairs. It does not overlook the smallest issue that affects the education and the moral and material progress of man and his society. Islam has pointed out the obstacles to social change and evolution of man and makes every effort to remove them.

And, now that by the grace of God, the Islamic Republic has been initiated in Iran by the mighty hand of its people and Islam and its progressive laws and tenets are the concern of this Islamic government, it is up to the nation to insure their implementation in all aspects of life and to safeguard them well as the preservation of Islam takes precedence over all else. All prophets from Adam (AS) to Muhammad (SAWW) have consistently taken care of and made sacrifices for it (monotheism). After the Prophet of Islam the Innocent Imams strove hard for its preservation and some gave their lives for it.

It is now incumbent on the Iranian nation, as custodian of this divine trust, to do all that is necessary for its enforcement and maintenance.

AS I approach my last breath, I feel it is my duty to state some of the points that are involved in the preservation and perpetuation of this divine trust (the Sovereignty of Islam) and some of the things that endanger and threaten it, for the present and future generations. May God bless all with success and happiness!:

a) - Without a doubt, the secret of the survival of the revolution is the same as the secret of its victory. The nation knows this secret and the future generations will read about it in history texts.

My advice to all generations, present and future, is that if you desire God's sovereignty to continue and domestic as well as foreign colonialization of your lands and exploitation of your resources be curtailed, do not under any circumstance, abandon this divine incentive that the Holy Quran has emphasized. My advice to all is that you should react to anti-Islam plots and, by all means possible, render your unity (of word and purpose) increasingly more solid and thus disappoint the heathen and hypocrites.

b)- One of the major plots of the century especially of the last few decades and particularly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which is clearly manifest, in the multi-dimensional propaganda launched, has the aim of disappointing Muslim peoples especially the Iranian nation with Islam.

However, the second category of the foes of Islam who entertain more vicious plots claim that religion and politics are not compatible and cannot be combined. These ignorant individuals must realize that the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam contain more lessons, decrees and commands on the rule of government and politics than they do on any other issue. Indeed a good many Islamic laws concerning worship have political aspects as well. Neglecting such aspects has often resulted in catastrophes. The prophet of Islam founded a government just like any other except that it seeks to promote social justice and equity.

In this my final will and testament I merely mention these points in passing and hope that historians and sociologists will make Muslims see their mistakes in this respect. The contention that the prophets and Imams have been only concerned with moral and spiritual issues and government, being concerned with secular or temporal matters, has been rejected by them is woefully wrong. Adhering to this unfounded contention leads to corruption of Islamic nations and opens the way for the blood-thirsty colonialist.

The alert Iranian nation must neutralize the plots mentioned above with Islamic thought and perception. Let writers and preachers rise and help the nation to defeat the plotting devils.

c)- One such conspiracy, a most vicious one, is the widespread rumor claiming that: 'The Islamic Republic" has not done anything for the good of the people! Poor people! They made sacrifices to overthrow the despotic regime of the Taghoot (despot); little did they know that they would emerge with a worse regime. Such rantings are proof of planned conspiracies that are carried out daily in some form in some location, town or borough; in taxi cabs, in buses, at small gatherings, etc, and as one false rumor wears off a fresh one takes its place.

Unfortunately the clergy, unaware of the satanic plots, come in contact with agents of discord and think that their incantations are true. The fact is that many of those who listen to the rumors and believe them are persons who lack knowledge of world conditions, of world revolutions and of post-revolutionary events and their inevitable concomitant problems. They lack knowledge of the changes that have occurred in favor of Islam and so, when they hear such rumors they deliberately or by mistake, accept them. I urge everyone not to make hasty conclusion or damning criticism

I have never said, and do not say now, that today Islam is practiced in this Republic in All its dimensions and that no one acts against Islamic laws here either through ignorance, lack of discipline or because of some personal complex. But, I do say that the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executive powers are doing all they can to Islamize this country and they are supported in their efforts by tens of millions of citizens. I dare say that today the Iranian nation is more righteous and upright than the people of Hejaz at the time of Muhammad (SAW) and the people of Kufeh at the time of Ali (AS) and Hossein (AS).

I hereby counsel those who, for any reason, oppose the Islamic Republic, the youth, the girls and the boys who are exploited by the perverts and the hypocrites, to maintain an open mind and then sit in judgment of the propaganda of those who wish to see the Islamic Republic collapse; to study the mode of conduct of such individuals toward the people, toward the governments and groups and toward their own supporters; to carefully observe the shifts in their attitudes and positions on various occasions and compare same with the conduct of the survivors of those who were martyred by the hypocrites, and then decide which group truly supports the oppressed and the deprived peoples in the community.

Brothers! You will not read these lines while I live, you may read them after I am gone and am no longer among you to want to say things to gain your favor and support.

But, as you are worthy young people I would like to see you spend your time in the path of God, for noble Islam and for the Islamic Republic, so that you may attain happiness in this and in the next world. I ask God to guide you to the straight path and to forgive our past deeds. I advise you to make the wish when in seclusion, for He is the Guide, the Merciful.

My counsel and recommendation to the noble Iranian nation and to all the nations who suffer under corrupt governments and are chained by great powers is this: cherish as your most precious thing the blessing that you have gained by your great jihad (crusade) and by the blood of your worthy young men. Guard it well and preserve it as a divine favor and great trust from your Lord. Make every effort to safeguard it, do not worry about difficulties if any should arise. Remember: 'If you help Allah, He will help you and make you strong" (The Holy Quran, Sura 47, Muhammad, Verse 7). Help the Islamic Republic with all your hearts and do your utmost to solve some of its problems. Consider the Majles (The House of parliament) and the government as your very own and protect them as you would your loved ones. Likewise, I recommend this nation to the care and attention of the Majles and government authorities who should serve the people well, particularly the deprived and oppressed who are our true benefactors. These are the people who made the formation of the Islamic Republic possible and insure its continuity. Always condemn the despotic rule of the UN cultured plundering bullies by humane methods worthy of an Islamic government.

My suggestion to the Muslim nations is that you consider the government of the Islamic Republic and the crusading Iranian nation as your examples. The dependent puppet governments, who are either pro-East or pro-West are the cause of the misfortunes of the Muslims. I recommend with emphasis that you pay no attention to the propaganda sirens of the antagonists of Islam and of the Islamic Republic as they always try to force Islam to the sidelines so as to insure the interests of the super-powers.

d)- One of the satanic plots of the major colonialists and exploiters, that has been in force for many decades, was to isolate the clergy by different methods including pressure, suppression, imprisonment, unfrocking and various forms of abuse, insult and derision. Another technique is to create friction, disharmony and animosity between university circles and the clergy.

And now that by the grace of God and the sacrifices of all the nation including the clergy, the university people, the businessmen (the bazaar), labourers, agricultural and industrial workers and other segments, the fetters of bondage have been removed, the shackles of serfdom broken, the powers of arrogance repelled and the country virtually sequestered and saved from their clutches and from the clutches of their domestic puppets, I would like to recommend to the present and future generations not to slacken their efforts. Let the university men and the youth strengthen their links of friendship and mutual understanding with the clergy and the students of religious sciences. Never overlook the plotting of the perfidious enemy, provide counsel and guidance whenever you see someone trying to sow the seeds of discord and disunity. If your counsel to such individuals is not effective, turn away from them, isolate them and do not let their machinations and conspiracies take root as prevention is easier than cure.

e)- One of the most effective conspiracies that has, unfortunately, left an indelible mark on the nations, including our own, is the alienation of the peoples of colonized countries with their true selves. In other words 'Westerners" or 'Eastern block" peoples have become estranged with their own cultures and they have come to regard the peoples of the super-powers as being of races and cultures superior to their own. They look upon the super-powers as their Qiblah (direction to which Muslims face when saying daily prayers, i.e., the Kaaba in Mecca) and think that affiliation with one of the two poles of power is indispensable to themselves. A most unhappy point is that the colonialists have bared the oppressed peoples under their rule from all progress and have turned them into consumer nations.

Our people should be alert and watchful lest the East or West affiliated politician draw us back towards the international pilfers. Take decisive action to do away with all dependencies. Be sure that the Aryan or Arab races are in no way less endowed than the Europeans, American or Russian races. If we succeed in finding our true selves and not let despair overtake us and rely on ourselves and expect nothing of others, we shall be able, in the long run, to do and make everything. I ask the youth, boys and girls not to compromise their freedom, independence and human values for luxury, pleasure-seeking and other vices. Experience has taught us that they think of nothing expect your degeneration, your indifference toward your own destinies and the fate of your country, control of your natural resources, your consumer potential, your dependence, in short your colonisation and exploitation. This is one reason they try to keep us in a state of backwardness and underdevelopment and, as they say, a semi-primitive men.

f)- One of their major plots, that was noted before, is to take over the education centres especially the universities whose trained output must have the control of the country, in their hands. Their plan is to remove the clergy from the scenes and to isolate them.

As to the university, their plan is to alienate the youth with their own values and culture and draw them over to the East or the West and to select the statesmen from among them, institute these selected individuals in position of authority and do whatever they want with country, its resources and people by the hands of their puppets while the isolated, despised and defeated clergy looks impotently on. This is the best way to hold a nation in a backward state and to pilfer the countries under domination because, it is easy for the superpowers and is of no cost to them while all that there is goes to their pockets quietly through the national circles.

And, now that the universities and teacher training colleges are being purged, it is necessary that we all help the authorities and not ever let these institutions deviate from the right course and take necessary action as soon as we notice a deviation step by an authority. This vital task must, in the first place, be carried out by the young men of the universities, teachers and colleges. Saving the university from deviation and perversion is saving the nation and the country. I urge all our youth and the young people in the first place and their parents and friends in the next place, and the statesmen and intellectuals who care for the country, to participate wholeheartedly in this important task that maintains the safety of your country, and to entrust the universities to the next generation. I al, counsel the successive generations to guard the universities against defection to the East or to the West, as this necessary for the salvation of yourselves, the country and the beloved Islam. This humane, Islamic act severs the hands of the superpowers off the country and makes them lose all hope. May Allah bless and keep you!

g) The commitment of the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly is a major issue. Now by grace of God and the determined and spirited endeavors of the nation, the destiny of the country has fallen in the hands of the people, their true representatives are elected and sent to the Majles without foreign interference and without intervention of the government or feudal khans. It is to be hoped that with their dedication to Islam and the interests of the country, all sorts of perversion will be avoided. My recommendation to the present and future generation is that they choose virtuous, upright educated persons in every election.

My advice to the Council ( Guardianship) now and in the future, is to perform its Islamic and national duties with candor and take great care not to be influenced by any power and to cancel any law, rule or regulation that is opposed to Islam and the constitutional law.

My advice to the leader and the Council of Leadership in this era which is the era of invasion and aggression by the superpowers and their stooges, domestic or alien against the Islamic Republic, indeed against Islam, and, to the future leaders and councils is to devote and dedicate themselves to the service of Islam and the mustazafin (the meek, the deprived and the oppressed) and of the Islamic Republic. Do not think that leadership (or guardianship) is per se a gift or an exalted position for you. Rather, think of it as a heavy and grave duty in which errors due to mean and lowly considerations will subject the perpetrator to life-long shame in this and to the wrath of God in the next world. I beg of the Lord and supplicate to Him that He admit us to His Presence having emerged from this trial with success.

h)- One of the major, essential questions is the issue justice for it is involved in the peoples' lives, properties al virtue. My advice to the Leader and to The council ( Leadership is to do their utmost in the selection of high. qualified, deeply committed and dedicated persons I( assignment as judges and other judicial positions. Sue persons should be authorities in Islamic religious laws an in politics.

i) My advice to the holy theological centres, as I often have said, is that opponents of Islam and the Islamic Republic are determined to uproot Islam in every devilish way possible.

We are aware that the superpowers have implanted in various communities agents in different disguises such as: "nationalists', 'pan-Iranists", 'liberals", 'intellectuals", "spiritualists" and "religious jurists". This last group if given the opportunity are the most insidious and harmful. During the short span of time since the triumph of the Revolution people have seen such agents under the titles "mujahid-e-khalq" (lit, fighter of the people), 'fad khalq" (lit, sacrifice of one's life for the people), the "tudeh" (masses) and other such appellations. It necessary that all co-operate in neutralizing such conspiracies. All must be alert to the danger of these agents

At any rate, my advice is that it is necessary in all ages especially in the present era, in which plots and intrigues have increased, to rise and bring order to the centres theology. Let the students, the scholars, and the instructs spend time and, by careful, sound planning, purge a preserve the major theological centers.

Traditional Feqh, which is the heritage of our worthy ancestors, must be preserved and maintained. Deviation from it weakens the foundations of research. Let research studies (in Feqh) pile up and develop into tomes. With respect to other sciences, to be sure, research programs should be arranged with a view to the needs of the country and Islam.

j)- One of the areas that need purging, reform and care is the Executive Power. My advice to the concerned cabinet ministers, now and for the future, is that they and their employees are living on public funds and therefore must all be true public servants especially to the Mustazafin (the oppressed). Creating uneasiness for the public, not doing one's duties are interdicted and may incur the wrath of the Lord. You all need the nation's support, especially that of the oppressed classes. Avoid inhuman un-Islamic conduct. With this motive I recommend that our future cabinet ministers take great care in the select of provincial governors and make sure that such men competent, wise, agreeable, dedicated to Islam and Islamic Republic and can get along with the people so 1 peace and tranquillity become the pervasive rule in country.

My advice to the Muslim nations is: do not wait for external help in reaching your objective which is the implementation of Islamic teachings and tenets. You yourselves must rise and undertake this vital work which will realise your independence and freedom. Let the grand Ulema (outstanding scholars) and the honourable preachers in the Islamic states call on their governments to extricate themselves from dependence on big foreign powers and come to an understanding with their own nations. In this way victory shall be yours. Invite the nations to unity and alliance. Avoid racism which is against the teachings of the holy Quran. Shake hands in friendship with your fellow believers in any country and from any race they may be for the great Islamic Faith has termed you all "brothers". If, by the grace of God, this spirit of brotherhood-in-faith be realized, you will one day see that the Muslims constitute the world's greatest power. God willing, this brotherhood may manifest itself soon.

My advice to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance at all times, especially at the present, which has its own particular characteristics, is to act to propagate truth versus falsehood. The issue of propaganda is not exclusively the business of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Rather, it is a duty incumbent on all writers, speakers, artists and scholars. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should see to it that the embassies are supplied with public relations literature to reveal the radiant face of Islam to all the world.

k)- One of the most important, destiny-shaping issues is the problem of educational institutions from kindergarten through the university. Because of its extraordinary significance, I repeat the matter with a passing remark. The pillaged nation must know that during the past fifty years all the devastating blows to Iran and Islam have come mainly from the universities. If the universities and other education centres were actively engaged in training, purifying and educating our children, our youth and our young men, armed with Islamic and national programs aimed at promoting the interests of the country, homeland would not have been swallowed first by England and then by Russia and America and such ruin agreements or treaties would not have been imposed on deprived nation. Nor would foreign advisors have b admitted to the country and our resources including black gold would not go down the pockets of the Satanic powers.

If our universities were Islamic, humane nationalistic, they would have trained, educated and presented to the society hundreds and thousands of mudarresin (teachers). How sad it was that these institutions were administered and our children trained and educated all, with rare exceptions, by people who were either Westernised or Easternised, persons who were put into vital positions and assigned by special planning and design. Our dear, oppressed and innocent children were, unfortunately, trained by such wolves affiliated with the superpowers. However, the universities, thanks God, have been liberated. It is now and for ever after, up to the Islamic nation and government to prevent corrupt elements who are adherents of the pervert Eastern or Western ideologies, from infiltrating the teacher-training colleges, the universities and other education institutions.

l)- The entire armed forces including, the army, the navy, the airforce, the Sepah, the gendarmerie, the police men of the revolutionary committees the Basij volunteers as well as the enlisted tribal militia, all enjoy special status. They are the mighty arms of the Islamic Republic and are border guards; they insure the safety of the roads, the towns and the rural areas. Indeed they provide peace and security for the nation and merit special attention by the nation, the government and the Majles. All remember that armed forces, of any description, manipulated and taken advantage of, more than any other group or institutions by the superpowers and the destructive policies. It is by political intrigues through t armed forces that coup d'etats are arranged and carried o governments changed and regimes altered. The treacherous profiteers buy off some heads and commanders of such forces and, through them, work out their vicious conspiracies and take over or dominate a country or some innocent oppressed nation, putting an end to their freedom and independence. If military commanders be honourable and chaste, there can be no occasion for a military coup d'etat in a country, nor for its occupation and if one do occur, it will be defeated or neutralized by the dedicated commanders.

In Iran this miracle of the age was performed by the hand of the nation. The devout and committed armed force personnel and their chaste and patriotic commanders had considerable part in it.

Therefore, in these last few steps left to the end of my life my brotherly advice to the armed forces who love Islam, who give their lives at the war fronts for the love of leqa-ullah (spiritual perception of or union with the Lord) and who carry out their devotional work everywhere in the country, is that you stay alert and be vigilant and beware the treacherous political ruses of the pro-West or pro-East elements at play behind the' scenes! Rest assured that the cutting edges of their blades is, from every side, directed at you more than any other group.

My emphatic counsel to the armed forces is to observe abide by the military rule of non-involvement in politics. Prefer a humane life of honor with difficulties to the beastly comforts with slavery.

m)- Radio, television, the press, the cinema and theatres are the most effective means for stupefaction and corruption of nations especially the younger generations.

My advice to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, to the Presidents, to the Guardianship Council, to the Supreme Judicial Council and to the governments, now and in the future, is to maintain the news agencies, the press, and the magazines in the service of Islam and the interests of the country. We must all know that Western style freedom degenerates the youth, and it is condemned in Islam's view and by the intellect. Propaganda literature, written articles, speeches, books and magazines that oppose Islam, public morality and the interests of the country are taboo (=haram = interdicted by religion) and it is incumbent on all Muslims to prevent their printing and distribution. Harmful liberties must be checked. If all that is "haram" and against the path of the nation and the Islamic state and contrary to the prestige of the Islamic Republic is not decisively controlled, then all are to be held responsible.

n)- My advice to the bands, groups and persons who are actively opposing the Islamic Republic and Islam, and to their sons abroad or at home, is that long experience in conspiracy in different ways, in asking foreign authorities and states for support, must have taught you, who regard yourselves wise and knowing, that the course of a self -sacrificing, dedicated nation cannot be altered by acts of terror, sabotage, explosion of bombs and spread of miscalculated lies. No state or government can ever be toppled by such inhuman and illogical methods, particularly a nation like that of Iran whose youth, old men, women and children all sacrifice their lives in the path of the Islamic Republic, the Holy Quran and the religion. I advise you, give up such useless and unwise actions, be not fooled by the world-mongers. If you have not committed any crime, come back home from wherever you are and get into the fostering lap of Islam. Repent for Allah is the Most Forgiving One! And the nation and the Islamic Republic may, insha-allah (God willing) pardon you! If you have committed a crime for which divine punishment is decreed, return to Him from the middle of the way and repent. And if you have courage, accept your punishment and thereby save your soul from the 'Painful Scourge!" Do not waste your lives longer, change your attitudes and do something else. That is best to you.

I inquire of the supporters of these groups, whether domestic or foreign: why ruin your lives and youth for these people who, as has been proven, are in the service of world powers, follow their designs and, unknowingly, have fallen in their traps?! What incentive can you have? Why do you wrong your own nation?? What for, and who for?! You have been manipulated and deceived by them!! If you live here in this country you can see with your own eyes that these multi-million strong masses are faithful to the Islamic Republic and are dedicated to it. You can see that the present government and regime are most sincerely serving the people and the needy.

My loving advice to you, the youth, who live in this country or abroad, is to give up the wrong path. Return and join up with the deprived peoples of the society who are serving the Islamic Republic with all their hearts. Act to serve the free and independent Iran. Live in honours one-and-all and altogether.

My advice to the groups such as communists, peoples guerrillas (fadai-yan-e-Khalq) and other leftists is this: Without prior study of various schools of ideology, without going to and obtaining the views of authorities on Islam, how could you bring yourselves to embrace an ideology that is already defeated and defunct. What was your incentive? What made your hearts settle for "isms" that are already ruled null and void by the researchers? What is your purpose in wanting to draw your country to the lap of the Soviet Union or China? What makes you fight against your own nation in the name of love for the masses, or plot against your own people for the benefit of foreigners??

My advice to the Muslim groups, who have mistakenly acquired 'Eastward' or 'Westward" leanings and sometimes supported the hypocrites (monafiqeen), whose treason was proven and who unwittingly cursed those who opposed the enemies of Islam, is that they do not persist in making such mistakes. Let these groups and individuals show Islamic courage and admit their mistakes and, to please the Lord, line up behind the government, the Majles, join the people, and, altogether rescue history's mostazafeen from the mischief and wickedness of the arrogant people.

My advice to the writers, orators, intellectuals, fault-finders and to those with complexes is this: Rather than spending your time pursuing a course contrary to that of the Islamic Republic and doing all you can to vitiate the Majles, the government, and other public servants with your pessimism and ill-will, thereby pushing your country into the path of the superpowers, sit one night in seclusion with your God, and if you do not believe in God, sit in seclusion with your conscience and study your inner motives, of which people are often unaware, and think of the reason why, and, by what standards of fairness do you ignore the blood of all these mutilated bodies of youths strewn everywhere on the battle-fields and in the town and city streets?! Why do you start a war of nerves with a nation that has shaken off its neck the pressures of foreign and domestic oppressors and plunderers and has paid dearly for its freedom and independence with the blood of its children and now wants to preserve these with further sacrifice??!! Why do you reopen the way for the arrogant oppressors by treacherous plotting and by creating discord and disunity?! Is it not better if you would guide the government, the Majles and the nation by your pen, word and your minds in order to preserve your homeland? Are the deprived not worthy of your assistance? Is it not better that you help in the establishment of the Islamic government?? Do you regard this Majles, this President, this government and this judicial system worse than what we had in the former regime?

You believers, support the government so that projects get done faster. Thus, when you perforce appear in the Lord's Presence you do so wearing the Badge of Service to His servants.

o)- One, of the issues that require comment is this: Islam does not support oppressive and uncontrolled capitalism which deprives the masses.

I counsel the Majles, the Guardianship Council, the Government, the President and the Supreme Judicial Council to be humble before the commands of God and not be influenced by the inane propaganda of the cruel, rapacious pole of capitalism and the atheistic pole of communism and to respect ownership and private capital within Islamic limits. I advise you to reassure the nation so that private and creative initiative proliferate in order to make the country and government reach self-sufficiency in all areas including light and heavy industries. I advise those who lawfully acquire wealth to invest their justly earned gains for innovative development works in agriculture, rural development and industries. I advise all to make every effort for the welfare of the deprived classes.

p)- My advice to those clerics and to the pseudo-clerics who oppose Islam for various reasons and devote their time to uproot it and aid other enemy plotting and political intrigues and, as is said, donate to them sumptuous sums from Moines they receive from Godless capitalists, is this: You have gained noting so far from your wrong-doings and, I think, you will not achieve anything if you continue. Thus, if you do all this evil for the sake of this world, God shall not let you gain anything. It is better for you, then, to repent while there is a chance; beg for the Lord's forgiveness and join ranks with the oppressed nation and support the Islamic Republic which has come to be by the sacrifices of the nation, although I do not think you will repent.

My brotherly, humble advice is that you, honourable people, be not influenced by rumours. Support and strengthen this republic for the sake of God and for the preservation of Islam.

q)- My advice to all Muslims and oppressed peoples of the world is this: you should not sit and wait till your own authorities or rulers, or some foreign power act to make a gift of freedom and independence to you. During the past one hundred years we have observed the infiltration of the world's major powers into all Islamic countries and into smaller lands. Reliable history has related this for us. None of the rulers of any of these countries has been concerned with the freedom, independence and welfare of his nation and none is, even today. Rather the majority of such rulers have been themselves cruel oppressors who tried to strangulate their own people. Whatever good they did was to benefit themselves or was in the interest of some special group. or, such rulers, promoted the welfare of the upper already well-to-do classes but never did a thing to benefit the deprived groups and slum-dwellers.

r)- At the conclusion of this testament once more I say to the honourable Iranian nation that in this world the amount and volume of one's pains, sufferings, devotion, deprivations, and sacrifices is commensurate with the greatness of one's cause and its value and station.

My advice to all is to advance towards self-awareness, self-sufficiency and independence with the remembrance of God. Without a doubt His helping Hand is with you if you be with Him and continue in this spirit of Ta'avon (co-operation) for advancement of the Islamic country.

I pray that all that I see in the noble nation of alertness, intelligence, commitment, devotion, spirit o f resistance, and courage being employed in the path of God, shall, by His Grace, be transmitted to the successive future generations with increased momentum. With a peaceful mind, a certain heart, a happy spirit, and a conscience hopeful for God's mercy, I take my leave of all brothers and sisters to journey to the eternal abode. I need your prayers and I beseech Almighty God's pardon and forgiveness for my inadequacies and my faults. I hope, the nation, too, will forgive my shortcomings and failings, and move ahead with power and determination. Know that the departure of one servant shall not leave a scratch on the steel shield that is the nation. Worthier servants of greater stature are in service and Allah preserves the nation and the oppressed people of the world.

(Wassalam-o-Alaikum wa Ala Ibadillah-e-salehin.)

Ruhullah Al-Musawi AL-Khomeini

(Bahman 26, 1361 Jamadi-al-awwal 1, 1403 February 15,1983)


MY son Ahmad will read this will and testament to the people after my death. If he has an excuse for not doing so, the President of the Islamic Republic or Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly or President of State Supreme Court shall kindly accept the task and if they too, are excused, let one of the Foqaha of the Council of Guardians accept the trouble. Ruhullah Al-Musawi AL-Khomeini


I should like to add at the end of this 29-page will and testament with its prologue the following points:

1- While still here with you, I would like to declare that certain false statements have already been imputed to me and which may increase after I am gone. Therefore, I hereby declare that nothing imputed, ascribed or attributed to me has my confirmation unless it is in my handwriting, has my signature, is in my voice, with the affirmation of the experts, or what I have said on the television of the Islamic Republic.

2- Some individuals have claimed, even while I am alive, that they have been writing my statements. This is hereby denied. All such statements have been prepared and written by myself only.

3- Apparently some claim to have arranged my going to Paris, France. This is a lie. After I was turned back from Kuwait, I chose Paris in consultation with Ahmad for it was probable that Islamic states would decline admission for they were under the Shah's influence but Paris was not.

4- In the course of the movement and the revolution I spoke favourably of certain individuals who had pretensions to Islam but later realised their deception. My favourable comments were made at a time they pretended to be committed to the Islamic Republic. Such matters should not be taken advantage of. The criterion for everyone is his current conduct.

Ruhullah Al-Musawi Al-Khomeini


Excerpts from the last will of Imam Khomeini - Part 1

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