Ummahtul momineen - The Holy Prophet (SAWW) wives

By: Sadia Rizvi

Holy prophet Hadhrat Muhammad (PBUH&HP) had 11 wives:

1- hadhrat khadija tul kubra salamullah alaiha, her title was Tahira she was mother of Hadhrat fatima tuz zahra (sa) and the richest lady of arab world who showered all her wealth for islam.she herself sent her proposal to holy prophet (that she wanted to marry him) when he had not proclaimed his prophethood. she alone has the honour that holy prophet did not marry another women during her life time. she was the first lady in the women world who first of all certified holy prophet's prophethood.

2- hadhrat soda (ra) belonged to tribe amir from Quraish

3- hadhrat aysha (ra) daughter of hadhrat abubakar (ra)

4- hadhrat hafza (ra) daughter of hadhrat omer (ra)

5- hadhrat zainab (ra)binte khozaima

6- hadhrat salma (ra)appelation umme salma her father was famous for his generosity

7- hadhrat zainab (ra)binte hajash her mother was omaima

8- hadhrat umme habiba (ra) her real name was ramla

9- hadhrat safiyya(ra) her real name was zainab she came in to prophet's share in the battle of khaiber.her father was chief of nozair tribe of yahood. he was from hadhrat haroon's progeny

10- hadhrat mamoona (ra)her earlier name was barra

11- hadhrat maria qabtiya (ra), she was presented to holy prophet as a maid by maqooqas who was the governor of egypt. then she came in to prophet's nikkah. from her holy prophet got a son hadhrat ibrahim.

(aina Islamiyat, authors abu tahir siddiqi, abu khalid siddiqi, professor muzammal hussain)

Holy prophet (PBUH&HP)'s son ibrahim died in his childhood and on the same occasion infidels taunt holy prophet "abtar" (childless) due to which holy prophet grieved so allah almighty revealed surah kauther for his consolation: "O prophet we have given you kauther. Pray to your Lord and sacrifice to him. Your enemy shall remain childless". tafseer of first ayah of this surah says that allah says o prophet we have given you off spring with abundance thats why there is no any part of the world where holy prophet's progeny (Sayyed) are not present.thats why holy prophet said which is also reported by ulmae ahle sunnah that allah has made off spring of every prophet in his sulb while my (holy prophet) progeny in hadhrat Ali's (as) sulb. (sharah muslim by Mullah mobeen discussion of aal).

For that very reason hadhrat Imam Hassan alaihe salam and hadhrat Imam Hussain alaihesalam are called holy prophet (PBUH&HP)'s sons according to ayah mobahila.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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