Kids N parents in light of Quran & Hadith

By: Group of five

Rights of the parents!

*Imam Sadiq (AS) said: "Disobedience towards the parents is a heinous sin, for Allah has made the disobedient one rebellious and hard."

*He also proclaimed: " The mildest form of ill conduct towards parents is "uff! and if Allah knew something lesser than that, He would have forbidden it."

*Explaining the verse "And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy" (17:24), sixth Imam said: When you look at them, do not fill your eyes with anything else but mercy and sympathy, and do not raise your voice above their voice, and do not put your hand above theirs, and do not go in front of them!"

*Commenting upon the ayat "And say kind words unto them," Imam al Sadiq (AS) said: "If they strike you, say to them: May Allah forgive you both."

* Amirul Momineen (AS) explained: "Honouring parents is one of the noblest characteristics."

*The sixth Imam explained: "If a person desires a long life and blessings, he must honor his parents and stay in contact with kin."

*The Holy Prophet (SAWAW) said: "Paradise is under the feet of the mothers!"

*In another prophetic tradition this idea is reinforced: "The pleasure of parents is the pleasure of the Allah, and the anger of parents is the anger of Allah."

* The 8th Imam (AS) said: "The Almighty Allah commands that thanks be given to Him and to parents. Whoever fails to thank his parents does not thank Allah."

Children's Upbringing!

* The Messenger (SAWAW) of Allah stated: "Be kind to your children, and excel in this kindness."

*He also said: " Train your children in three things: The love of your Prophet, to love the Ahlul Bayt, and the recitation of the Quran."

*Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) advised: "Train your children to seek knowledge."

* Imam Sadiq (AS) explained: " A child plays for seven years, learns the Book for seven years, and learns the halal and haram for seven years."

*The Holy Prophet (SAWAW) proclaimed: " The parents must not be stubborn with their child just as the child must not disobey the parents."

*He also said: "Among the rights of the child over the parent are three: To give him a good name, to teach him to write and to marry him when he comes of age."

*Another hadith of Allah's Messenger (SAWAW) states: "When a person's son matures and he has the financial ability to marry him but does not do so, the boy will commit sin and the sin will be on the father."

*Sadiq-e-Aley Mohammed (SAWAW) said: "He to whom is born a daughter and does not harm her, does not deny her, and does not favor his son over her, Allah will grant him paradise for her sake."

*Another tradition by him says: "Daughters are compassionate, always willing, and are blessings."

courtesy: Sayed Asad Alam


Group of five

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