Where is world conscience?

By Ali Asghar Pahlevan

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Despite stern warnings from many countries demanding that Israeli forces withdraw their army from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian cities, villages, and camps are still being bombarded and demolished on an unprecedented scale, leaving hundreds dead and many more injured and homeless. A nation is being massacred by a racist regime, which ignores UN resolutions, the international community, and the peace agreements it has signed with the Palestinian Authority.

News reports confirm that in recent weeks Israeli forces have brutally killed many Palestinian civilians. Palestinians are determined to defend their homeland to the last drop of their blood.

Meanwhile, some Muslim countries are witnessing the tragic events taking place in Palestine without taking serious measures to drive out the enemies of Islam from the Palestinian autonomous territories, which is extremely regrettable.

The Palestinian Intifada flared up almost 19 months ago. The clashes, which have occurred between the two sides in recent weeks, have led to a volatile situation in the Middle East. During this short period, a humanitarian tragedy has already taken shape, as the Zionist regime, supported by Washington, has used various modern sophisticated weapons to suppress the Palestinians.

The current military adventures of the Zionists are even more horrendous because they aim to wipe out the identity of a great nation, which has been suffering for half a century.

Some political experts believe that if the massacre is not stopped immediately, all-out war may break out in the Middle East.

To avoid the catastrophic consequences of a devastating conflict, Muslim countries should embark on coordinated diplomacy to force the warmonger Israeli regime to recognize the basic rights of Palestinians, which have been trampled upon.

During the past decades experience has shown that Tel Aviv does not recognize the culture of peace. Muslims have no other alternative but to mobilize their forces to confront the increasing threats of this heinous regime which has been financed and supported by the West. The time is ripe to isolate the Zionist regime by cutting all diplomatic relations with this fascist government.

In the first step, Egypt and Jordan, which have signed agreements with this regime, should immediately cut relations with the Israelis.

Demonstrations have been held all across the world to condemn the brutalities of the Zionist regime and to show solidarity with the Palestinians.

If Muslims impose an oil embargo on the pro-Israeli countries, the issue of Palestine could be resolved within a short period. The world's conscience will never be asleep as long as world public opinion understands the real nature of imperialism under the pretext of war against terrorism, as both Israel and U.S. are the greatest terrorists in recent history.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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