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Letter: Subscription

Date: 25/05/04 22:03

Salaamun Alaikum,

I would like to subscribe to yr daily newsletters.


Sukainabatul Manji


Help for mosque in Nigeria!!!

Date: 22/05/04


As- salamu alaykum warahmatu liahi wa barakatuhu
Greetings to you in the name of Allah (S.A.W)

We would like to introduce our mosque to you which is base in the southern part of Nigeria. Presently we are worshiping under a big tree as a mosque in a community that is predominantly dominated by the unbelievers. We are hoping and praying that we would be able to build a befitting mosque through the help of few people worshiping with us and with the aid of financial support from Muslim philanthropist. We would appreciate it if you would be able to support us in our aim. We are in need of Quran that we would give to people when we preach to them all. Support in kind and cash would be to the glory of Allah...

Thanking you for your positive response in the name of Allah (S.A.W).
Yours Faithfully

abu kadeem mutado
p.o.box 230,lagos,Nigeria
E-mail: sayabu_02@yahoo.com  


Online Shopping of Islamic Books...

Date: 07/05/04 13:49

Dear Brother in Islam
Salamun Alaikum
After praising Almighty Allah and with the blessings of His last Deputy Hadharat Vali e Asr (atfs) attends all of over here.

As you’ll be well aware with the various activities of World Islamic Network Mumbai (India). Since last 14 successful years we are into tabligh and dawah activities spreading the message of Islam in the light of the teachings if Ahlul Bayt (as). We had developed a new site viz. ONLINE SHOPPING OF ISLAMIC BOOK, AUDIOS & VCDS”. This will help the brothers and sisters to buy the books, audios and vcds on click of a button and the books will be at your doorstep.

Brother we need your assistance in promotion of this noble work in the spreading the teachings of Holy Ahlul Bayt (as) to the masses. We humbly request you to display the BANNER of winbookshop of your esteem site.  We earnestly need your cooperation.
Thanking you for your time and co-operation.

Was salaam

Zaheer Abbas
World Islamic Network


Info needed on Indonesia Quran competition

Date: 20/05/04


Dear brother, could u give me some more info on the Quran recital competition in Indonesia i.e. when it takes place, where and over how many days also who was the winners last year.


Gaarieth Williams
Cape Town
South Africa


Manipulation of the American Public

Date: 07/05/04 13:49

Has anyone given any thought to the sudden ascendance of Kerry as front runner when he was seriously considering abandoning his race for the presidency just prior to the IOWA primary. I believe the Repulicans decided he was the weakest of the candidates,and therefore ensured his successes in the primaries, given his wishy washy position on many serious issues. Isnt it interesting that the only issue that he comes out strongly against are those associated with jobs. On issues regarding the war in Iraq , the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, and circumstances preceeding the WTC attack he seems very wishy washy..

I think the election of a real candidate to oppose Bush in November has been seriously compromised thus allowing the continuation of Republican policies for another four years.


Israel is wrong in every policy

Date: 07/05/04

Anyone with half a brain should realize that Israel is wrong 100% of the time in every policy it makes. They are out to steal as much land as they can and they use the US and it's zionist stranglehold over the US to do it.


Congratulation! JAFARIYANEWS stands for OPEN-TRUTH

Date: 01/05/04 13:49


Assalamualykum Y.R.Y.B.,

"In the light of Global Islamic-humanity your web stands for OPEN-TRUTH, Congratulation"

Veteran-Poet BA Momin

BA DrMomin PvdM

The Netherlands


Letter from Jakarta: Eid-e-Zahra (s.a) Mubarak

Date: 01/05/04 02:23

Salamun alaikum,

Eid-e-Zehra(s.a) Mubarak

I’m a regular visitor of your website...my name is intekhab haider. I am from Bombay… but currently working in aptech Indonesia-Jakarta.

There is a request can you provide me some qasida's of Indian recitors

Warm Regards
Intekhab Haider


Khak Sara Ali (a.s.) Syed Mujtaba Hussain Shah

Date: 21/04/04

Asalam-u-Alaikum Haq Da Imam Ya Ali Mola
I am very happy and feel myself lucky that I am a Shia. I am mailing you about what had happened with us when we people visited the place of Syed Mujtaba Hussain Shah. Syed Mujtaba Hussain is a young man of round about 23 or 24 years. This Man has granted special power by Mola Ali that will make you healthy in a few second.

Shah touches your defected with a special stick(dana) and you are fit whatever disease like cancer, Sugar, Kidney, Unable to walk, speak or listen you are fit like when you were born. All you have to do there just call or say Nara (slogan) Haq Da Imam Ya Ali Mola. He says that Shifa (cure) is in this Nara.

If u people want to visit them I will help u in any respect. I myself did the Ziarat of Shah and have seen many people unable to walk were running and jumping

amir mukhtiar
Call me on this Mob +933036532582 or
mail me mukhtiar1980@hotmail.com


Al-Hossein conference

Date: 14/04/04

Asalaam Aleikum

Do you have any further information on the content of Ustaz Ali Adeeb's speech at the conference? It would be a great help in my PhD thesis which concerns the relationship between faith and counteracting oppression. Unfortunately, I do not speak or read Arabic but if you could only get it to me in Arabic I might be able to find someone who would translate it.

Thank you

A.M.P. Beasley



list of Urdu, English Shiite books needed

Date: 14/04/04

Dear brother in Islam


Very fine site for shia people. Please send me price list of Urdu and English Shiite books with addresses of publishers.


Yours in Islam


E-mail: raza_dost_noor@yahoo.co.in 


Contact telephone number needed

Date: 11/04/04

Salaam Alaikum

My name is Abbas Saleh and I reside in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Could you please help me in providing me any information about Allama Talib Jouhari's health and if possible how I can contact Allama? (e.g. his telephone number and postal address).
Abbas Saleh


Please help me

Date: 08/04/04

Dear Ms Joan

asalam alaikum ,
i came across your web site accidentally through the google search machine.
to be honest i really dont know how to start my story and my cry for help. Out of my despair ,and the darkness which is surrounding me over the years , i decided to sit on line that may be by the grace of the almighty god ...........may be i will come across something ..................

i have deep faith in my lord and ahl bait alrasul ............if it was not the prayers of abaaa abdillah alhussein and mawlaaaati zaainab i would not be sitting here still breathing and able to write this mail to your self.

i came on line to find out about jinns , and black magic, and so forth......... and i came across the article of SHEYKH SYED MUBARAK ALI JILANI ALHASHIMI. and i gathered from my reading to the article its seems that he may be able to help me ........as iam reaching a point of no return now ...........and taking away my life has become a thought that is tickling my mind all the time.....

but every time i look up at the sky and call abaa abdilah alhussein ...........to give me strength to go onnn ..........as i know that there is a cure for me somewhere out there there is somebody out there can help me ......... but the time has to come for the lord to permit it to happen .........and i know that my cure is in the quraan ............

i will tell just shortly my story , the story of my life ...........

From the very young age may be five or less my journey ......started i got possessed by a jin it wasnt a total possession , a male one and as days went by and i grew into a woman more things started to happen and happen .....at night ........my mother couldnot figure out the problem nor did i but i have always thought that something is not right .........especially when i started to blossom into a woman ......i never had any feminine feelings or emotions.......and things were happening to me at night............. needless i say more ............over the years iam suffering and my mother has gone blind cause of the constant cry on me......... what i hv mentioned above is just a drop in the ocean...........

i crossed the oceans looking for help and cure , i get better and then it all come back again........

the story of my life is a long one and sad one...............

but i know no one can change this but the lord and with the help of ahl bait of al rasul.

its only recently i came to know the truth of a part of my suffering through out my entire existence and that is a male jin has made me his woman and he is aaaaaaashiq of me and willlnt let me lead ever a normal life. and this took place of young age since i was a small girl........ apart from other things there in my body......

i am really unwell my mind and body is not under my controll .........iam tortured all the time .......


i decided to write to your self mybe being your fellow muslim u might be interested in helping me to get in touch to this sheykh and may be through you after the permission of the lord will be able to put an end to what iam going through over the years..........i am running out of hope and sabr......i have never had a peaceful night sleep in my entire existence.........least to say.........even the air which i breath into doesnt taste the same as to you..........i dont see the trees green nor the colors of the flowers...........

I really hope that this letter of mine will receive your compassion and mercy and help me lil laaaah and wa fi sabeelilah......... as your reward will be in this world and day after

I reside in the United Kingdom in London

i wil be grateful if you can give me the address of this shaykh and telephone number where i can call him and ask him if he could help me , or else u can talk to him your self ...or any other way you think is convenient to you... inshaalhah u will not ignore this letter of mine ......and i look forward to hearing from you.

jaazaka allahu kula alkheir

NB:i speak english ,arabic.

E-mail: chehab786@hotmail.com 


Student from Australia needs info on Shia organizations

Friday, April 02, 2004

Assalamoualaikoum dear brother
Indeed i should say that your website has provided me with a lot of support and hope.

i am a 22 year old pharmacy student in Australia and i am expected to graduate this year with a bachelor of pharmacy with honours, insha allah.

My most cherished desire in this life and ultimate goal is to master the Arabic language and alongside become highly learned in Islamic laws and jurisprudence as taught by our Ahlul Bayt (AS). i am very hard working and ready to fly across the whole world so as to accomplish this dream, so that my imams (may allah be pleased with them) shall be proud of me.

i am writing you this letter in view of asking for your advice on this matter. i shall be grateful if you could let me know about any shia organizations in Iran or Iraq or Syria or Canada or even UK, that provide for scholarships or any other kind of financial assistance for young Muslim international students who wish to pursue such a path. i am aware of the obstacles that are lying in front of me, besides money matters, but i am more than willing to go through them. i can only hope that i shall get people to advice me along the way.

Fee amanillah

May ALLAH SWT bless all those who have love for our prophet Muhammad (saw) and his holy progeny (may Allah be pleased with them all) ameen.
Wassalamu Alaikum


Letter: Girl student for religious studies in Iran

Date: 22/03/04 10:21

Dear Sir,

I would request you to help me in following situation.

A young Shia educated girl (Bachelor of Arts) wants to go to Iran to study Religion. She wants admission in a hawza and acquire full knowledge of Fiqh, Hadith, History and other uloom taught in Hawza. She even wants to take Dars e kharji (Ultimately). However, she has financial constraints. She understands that the expenses of these students are borne by the institutes (Hawza) and Iranian government.

Is it possible that you send a comprehensive guideline for her, or alternatively, give me the addresses of people/institutes who can help in this regard? The student is Syed Ithna Ashri.

Arif Arifeen



No More Jaloos in Luton... who stopped azadari here?

Date: 20/03/04 15:21

No More Jaloos in Luton. plz don't come on 21st March....

who stoped this azadari in Luton?

Shamas Quleni
Muzzamal Abbas (President) Blenhiem Cre
Shahbab Shah
Bashir Shah
Ahmed Abbas
Guftar Shah
Attiq Chakwalia
Mussharaf Shah

And All The Other Laanatullah Alehi Accomplices

These Non Beings Are The Actuall Personallities Of Yazidee Fehl Who Have Opposed Azaadari E Mazloom E Karbala. They Are Not The Enemies Of The People In This World They Are The Actuall Enemies Of Syeda Zahra Fatimah (Sa) They Stopped Bibis Grandsons Shabehe Taboot Of Imam Sajjad (As) From Taking Place On The Shahadat Date Of The 25th Of Muharram! The Reasons They Opposed The Jaloos Was As Follows “We Do Not Care That If We Actually Offend The Ahlul Bait But We Do Care To Not Offend The Other Schools Of Thought” (Ie Sunni Fiqh) Now Can One Justify The Injustice What The Matami Azaadar Are Going Through. That Is The Main Reason Why Luton Has Been Nick Named (Koofa) Now How Does One Propose To Attend Any Form Of Commemoration In Koofa Whilst In The Presence Of So Called Yazid?

Syed Ali Hussain
Molaali Network




To: ad@almujtaba.com, info@almujtaba.com

Cc: webmaster@jafariyanews.com

March 17, 2004

Dr brother

I noted for quite a long time that you (admin almujtaba.com) put a number of articles on your site taken from www.jafariyanews.com but without mentioning the site jafariyanews.com.

thats not fair!!!

You must write 'courtesy: www.jafariyanews.com

Waiting for your positive response

ehsan kazim


Hazrat Abbas (as) appellations…

Date: 18/03/04 04:47


I don't know if you can help me out or not. I was browsing your site of Hazrat Abbas (as) names (ulqabat). Do you know where I can find it?





Salat time in Geneva

Date: 13/03/04 18:47

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Dear brother/sister in Islam

My name is Afridal Darmi, an Indonesian moslem. I will travel to Geneva from March 24 until April 15. Could you help me by providing me a timetable for our 5 time daily salat? This timetable will help me very much to maintain my Salat.

It will also helpful if you could send me addresses of mosques in Geneva and how to reach them by the city public transportations.

Thank you very much for your kind help. May Allah bless and mercy you and all of moslem worldwide.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Afridal Darmi



Quran tafseer in Urdu language needed…

Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004

My name is syed jaffri and I live in USA (Virginia) actually I need a Quran Sharif with tafseer Mulana Farman Ali (late) or any other writer in Urdu language. so pleas give me any web site.

Syed jaffri

Email add


Letter: Shadowland Column

Date: 03/03/04 22:06

Dear Ms. Syed,

I'm the Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Editor for Newsweek, and I also write a Web column, Shadowland, about some of the murkier intrigues in international politics. So I was fascinated when I came across an article from last October that appeared in Jafariya News suggesting the Iranians were behind the Baqir Hakim killing. The analysis is similar to what I've heard from both French and Arab sources:


I'd appreciate it if you could tell me a little more about your publication and yourself, and also whether you've been able to follow up on this line of inquiry.

Best regards, Chris


Letter: Majalis website

Date: 25/02/04 01:07

respected sir

Kindly tell us about the website of majalis-e-imam hussain




Condolence by Al ghadeer Islamic Foundation Bama

On behalf of the entire Ja'fari brethren in our Al ghadeer Islamic Foundation Bama We wish to condole you on the occasion of the martyrdom of Al Imam Hussain Ibn Ali {A.S}, his pious household and sincere partisans.

We also extend you our condolence on the recent Iraqi attack on the Mu'minin. May Allah have mercy on their souls Amin.

Our foundation is a Ja'fari Muslim organization aimed at propagating the message of the Thaqalaini in our locality here at Borno State in the Republic of Nigeria.

Please we seek your assistance in including us in your permanent mailing list so that we would benefit immensely with the aid of your valuable publications.

You can mail us through the following address:

Al ghadeer Islamic Foundation Bama
P.O Box 67 Bma
Borno State
Finally we pray to Almighty Allah to hasten the reappearance of Imam of the age {A.F} AMIN.


Letter from Mayotte islands

Date: 26/02/04 19:41

Salaam alaikum

My name is maysam khimji from Mayotte islands which is situated in the Indian ocean and which is a French territory. I would like to inquire about how to get the books which I have just seen on your website.

May Allah bless you for the excellent work you are doing and may he give you tawfiq and long life to continue ammen.

As I was saying if would like to know how to get these books if you can let me know I would really appreciate it very much

Thank you
salaams and duas
maysam khimji
Mayotte islands



Letter: Info needed on Islamic Books

Date: 02/03/04


I would like to know how one could obtain these books, placed on your site, outside of the USA.

Thank You
Hussain hamdani


Quarries on historical significance of certain locations

Date: 01/03/04 17:29

Dear Sir Asalmaoalikum

I have a number of quarries and unanswered questions mostly belonging to the historical significance / perspective of certain locations. I would appreciate if you could help me find a suitable website where my quarries could be answered, direct me to some gentlemen who could help me.

Thank you
Ali haider raza/ Hasan



Info needed on Majalis website

Date: 25/02/04 01:07

respected sir

Kindly tell us about the website of majalis-e-imam hussain (as)



Want to know place in Malaysia where azadari is performed

Date: 27/02/04

I am very anxious to go to a place at Kuala Lumpur where I can mourn MUHARRAM. Will you help me by telling me where it is being practiced?

Ever thanking you

Kurt Angle




Letter: Request

Date: 26/02/04 21:20

salam alaykom

please send me ayatollah Bahjat office TEL or access TEl.

aa a@dpimail.net


Post: Info needed to contact Moulana Sadig Hassan

Date: 24/02/04 09:31

Salaam Alaikum

My name is ALI SULTAN and I reside in Chicago area. Could you please help me in providing me any information as to how I can contact Moulana Syed Sadig Hassan??

Aga Ali Sultan



Letter: Want information

Date: 19/02/04 22:03

Hello, Sir

I am Dr. Umme Farva. I am Ph. D. in Chemistry in the year 2002 from DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorahkpur(UP) India.

I search your site but in this not any job for female.

Why please reply me.

Dr. Umme Farva
D/o Jb. Syed Mohd Sajjad



Need help for Muharram in Jakarta

Date: 06/01/04

Asalamo alaikum wa rahmatullaho wa barkatho

Sir please help me...

I Sayed Intekhab Haider.. currently working in Indonesia-Jakarta-Sunter with Aptech computer Edu International Division from last one year..over here a lot of muslims...but i m not able to find out shia's near by where is stay...before through Internet i found everything like Islamic occasions n prayers n all for ramzan n moharram...i had tried hard to find out shia's on moharram..by consulting with Iranian embassy..but that was just a gathering on day of Ashora last year...n i will be staying one more year so plz help me..b'coz sometime its very difficult to find out Islamic occasions n all...If you all can find out shias in Indonesia-Jakarta-Sunter...DKI
Wasalamo alaikum wa rahmatullaho wa barkatho
Warm Regards

Intekhab Haider


Abidi asked to contact

Date: 30/01/04

Salaam Aleiqum,

I am trying to find my friend Masoom Abidi from Lahore, Pakistan. Please ask him to contact Rafael Boritzer in Istanbul, Turkey.

Prof. Rafael Boritzer
boritzer@yahoo.com  +90 537 682 4672


Info needed for study at Hawzah in Lebanon or Syria

Date: 25/01/04

As salaam alaykum,

Hello, my name is Muhammad Shahid. I am 21 years old and a convert to Islam. I am originally from Holland and I follow the Jafariyya mathab.

I would like to begin a study at Hawzah in Lebanon or Syria, insha Allah. Could you provide me some addresses which I can contact?

I almost have absolutely no information at all about Hawzahs in Lebanon and Syria. So if you can help me out with this, then I would be more than grateful!

Also, the Hawzah which I would attend should teach in English. This is because I don't speak Arabic. I heard there are a lot of Hawzahs where non Arab speaking students study Islam, so insha Allah you can provide me with more information about this.

Hopefully I will hear from you soon, insha Allah. I am looking forward to your reply.

Fi aman Allah,
Muhammad Shahid


Inquiry for fundings

Date: 22/12/03

Respected Mr Raza

With reference to your web applications here I would like to make certain inquiries about scholarships and fundings for students. I am from Pakistan and a practicing shia muslim guy of 28 years old, presently studying at University of Pavia Italy, for the course (Master of cooperation and development) IUSS. That is about 14 months program. Being a shia syed Muslim I am here to contact you regarding that is there any possibility to have some amount as scholarship or funds?
Thank you

With regards



Letter: Article on Endowments

Date: 19/12/03 18:17


I read the article on Endowments in Islam by Hyder Reza Zabeth and really enjoyed it. Could you put me in touch with the author, as I would really like to get his sources?


Abbas A. Kanji
Harvard Business School
MBA Class of 2004
617.817.7520 (mobile)
707.220.1051 (fax)



Useful and efficient site

Monday, December 15, 2003


I really find the jafriyanews website very useful and efficient as it brings together all the relevant news for the muslim community in one place.

May Allah reward you and guide us all inshallah.
Saima Jafri
New York


Reply to letters on rare photos of some holy places

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Al Salam Alikom wa rahmat allah wa barakatoh

Thank you for your messages.

Some names of countries where these holy sites house are written on them. They are in Jordan, Syria, Iraq or Saudi Arabia.
Shila Abulhassan


Salaams from Karbala

Monday, December 8, 2003

Salaams to all visitors of the site jafariyanews from the holy city of Karbala where I have come for Ziarat.

Trainer Mr. Aun Ali Gulani as President of Taha Executive Development Centre, hereby offers to conduct training programmes for Youth on any motivational topic or Keys of success given in his training website.

In addition Mr. Aun Ali as Zakir e Ahle Bait also offers to give religious lectures and recite Majalises in English.

Please contact him at aunalig@yahoo.com and visit his following sites.

Religious Web: http://www.geocities.com/aunalighayyuri/ 
Training Web: http://www.tahaonline.com/ 
Video Majalis on topic Keys of success
Iltimas e dua
Aun Ali Gulani


Rare photos of some holy places

Monday, December 8, 2003

Salamun Alaikum,

It was good to see the photos of holy places.

You have mentioned the name of whom the places are but you have not mentioned where they are (the city and country)

Please advise
Shabbir Ali


Holy Shrines

Sunday, December 7, 2003

Thank u for the photographs of the various Holy Shrines. Could u also please advise us exactly where these shrines are located.


Rare pictures

Sunday, December 7, 2003

s/a Re: http://www.jafariyanews.com/

The place where Prophet Nuh is buried is besides Imam Ali in Najaf. Please confirm
Mahmood HM Daya


Appreciation plus info on Shia base web

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


We regular visiting jafariyanews, jafariyanews is totally Informative web, we like it, we want to put our web site address on your web site (main page).

www.shia-online.com, is totally Shia base web, we try to provide Online azadari, education, news & given the coverage of all Islamic events.

I hope you will put www.shia-online.com  URL on your web, we are waiting your positive reply.

Ws salam,
Shia-Online Team.


Khomeni on Iqbal

Friday, November 7, 2003

I was told by a friend that there is a book un which Khomeni has praised the Allama Iqbal of Pakistan.

I am studying Iqbal and will so much like to get hold of either this book or any other document in which Khomeni has given reference to Iqbal.

Any help is much appreciated.




Thanks for printing the truth

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Greetings to the editor, thank you for printing the truth about America. No one knows more about America than black Americans. We are still subjected to harassment like lynching, last hired first fired, when Byrd was dragged to his deaf in Texas, body parts spread all over and he still tried to hold his head up so his head would not be torn of after the loss of limbs, he could not keep his head up so he was killed, plus president Bush never told the Byrd family about any sorrow he felt, at that time he was governor of Texas.

Also we black vets want to know why we can serve in this un-godly USA, and cant be police in our own communities, nor fire fighters. America has a terrible race and religion problem, like one Sheriff said arrest anyone darker than snow, from division county North Carolina, after 9/11 I was falsely arrested the claim which all shias know is a lie.

My mother died at THE RALEIGH GENERAL HOSPITAL in 1995 in BECKLEY WEST VIRGINIA because of her black race, so how can America help Iraq or any other country when they have not helped black Americans


P.O. BOX 32


Taqleed book of Ayatullah Makarim

Saturday, November 2, 2003

My name is Sahbir Ahmed. I’m living in Hong Kong well. I would like to order some books if it is possible and in case if I have any question to ask I will mail you but for time being I would like to order /Islamic book and Taqleed book of Ayatullah Makarim because following the Taqleed of him.



When will America admit?

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Greetings, I am Kalil Malek Rafi and I would like to tackle issues which will be brief,

1. Why doesn’t America admit the mistreatment of black Americans?

2. How can they give Iraq the American dream or any other country any dream, and all that it is a dream when blacks have never had the so-called dream?

My ssalaams

P.O. BOX 32


For paying thanks

Friday, October 24, 2003

Dear editor of jafariya news salam ya ali madad
I m feeling very great pleasure, when I saw ur this site, really sir this is a great thing to do all this about millat-e- jafria.

Sir this is very good way to tell the whole world about the things which are controversial. We can prove these things that all things which you are told, are not like that.

Thanking in anticipation
Dr. M. Yaqoob Shahani


Inquiry on Jafari centers, hotels

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Dear Br. Salaam Alikum Wa rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh

I have a conference in Dec. in Geneva and would like to get some addresses and contact for Jafari centers.
What are good hotels to stay at?
Please forward with great thanks

Sincerely yours
Hamza Muhammad Hassan Al-Shawaf


School searching in USA

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Salamon Alaikom

I am looking for Islamic School for 7 years old boy and 4 years girl in USA but I do not have any list and information about these schools. If u can help me I will appreciated that.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.




Japanese Muslim converts in Iran

Wednesday, Oct 08, 2003

Assalaamu Alaikum,
I'm Indonesian Muslim. It's deeply impressed me to know Japanese Muslim converts in Iran. Because in Indonesia some Christian send us in some Muslim mailing list about Iranian who attacked so badly about Islam, Muslim, our Prophet Muhammad. I have just read Iranian named Ali Sina called Islam is terrorism and Islam make Iran in poverty. He attacked Islamic Republic of Iran too.

Wassalaamu Alaikum
Resti Mulyani


The current situation in Iraq

Thursday, Sep 25, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum
I am deeply saddened by one of your contributors referring to the Iraqi Governing Council as being not supported by the Iraqi people. On the contrary, this is a very positive step, especially for the Shia population of Iraq, and I believe the majority of Iraqis believe this to be the case. I agree it is not the perfect situation, but nothing apart from Allah is perfect, however the establishment of the Governing Council is a step in the right direction... The majority of the members of the Governing Council are well known for their opposition to the criminal Saddam, and I do not believe they are all "yes men" agreeing to everything the USA want to do. I believe their presence is essential to voice the opinions of the Iraqi people, without which the USA could do anything that it pleased.

Another point I wanted to raise was that of the so-called freedom fighters, or mujahideen in Iraq, as they are called by some deluded people. I will give you a few examples of what they have done and you can judge for yourselves if they are truly mujahideen or just criminals. Firstly, they carried out an explosion that destroyed the Jordanian Embassy in Iraq, and injured dozens of Iraqis. Secondly, they carried out an explosion that destroyed the UN headquarters in Baghdad, and killed tens of people and injured hundreds, many being Muslims. Thirdly, they carried out a huge explosion in Najaf, killing dozens and injuring hundreds of Mumineen coming out of Friday prayers, including Allama Sayyid Baqir Al-Hakim. Fourthly, they tried to assassinate Sayyid Ali Al-Waedh, the representative of Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani in Kadhimain. At the same time a woman was found entering the shrine of Imam Musa Al Kadhim carrying a huge amount of explosives, wanting to blow it up. Today, 24/09/03, there were two explosions that blew up two busses injuring many innocent Iraqis.

These are only a few of the daily crimes taking place by the Wahhabis and Saddam's servants, who are now working hand in hand. An example of this can be seen in Fallujah. Fallujah is the centre of Wahhabism in Iraq. Whenever an operation to blow up an American vehicle occurs, a crowd gathers carrying the picture of their beloved Shaytan (Saddam). May Allah's curse be upon the Saddamites and Wahhabis working in Iraq, and may Allah bring peace and stability to this country of holy shrines. The Iraqi people want peace after suffering 35 years of oppression under the corrupt Baathist regime. The presence of the Americans is only temporary, and had the Muslims and Arabs rid us of Saddam and his bloodthirsty regime there would have been no reason at all for their presence.

Your brother
N. Al-Zubaidi


Incorrect quote in your article

Sat, Sep 20, 2003

Dear Sirs or Madams:

I read your article found at the URL

This article discusses my speech in the following manner: "Rabbi David Seidenberg of California gave affirmations of brotherhood and peace based on the Old Testament, which, he added, is firmly against war and violence of any kind."

This bears no relationship to what I said at all. Please go back and read what I said, if possible, and please correct this article!

Rabbi David Seidenberg
Berkeley CA, USA


Journalistic Injustices

Mon, Sep 15, 2003

By: Ghalib Sayyed

The powers that be consider journalism the most important pillar of the pillars of world States. At present all wars either they are won or lost, it is media that is playing a key role in it. Pakistan keeps an important place in the world states, and because of its being an atomic power as well as occurrence of changes in the East and the West, its importance has increased manifold. Formation of Pakistan is courtesy to Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Lahori and Mohammad Ali Jinah, and it is the only state in the world, which came into being under Two-Nation Theory. It was named Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and it was “Islam” that was written as its state religion in its constitution. But unfortunately there is monopoly of special stratums over journalism as is in other state departments. Here government or its minions always have control on electronic media, while dictatorship of a few journalist families is established on print media, and on the top of the list are Nizami family and Rehman family.

Deem it a bad luck that Nizami family speaks of Islam and Pakistan in apparent in its newspapers: daily Nawa-e-Waqt, daily The Nation, and Family Magazine etc; show their monopoly and kinship on the thoughts and ideologies of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Lahori and Mohammad Ali Jinah; outwardly they consider themselves spokesman of opposition and against government, but the benefits they have gained from every government, no one else has. In 1977, attack of General Ziaul Haq on democratic government caused them to earn great profit; they earned a lot.

With shia school of thought, this family pretend their friendship while on the other, their papers always tried in veils to present Pakistan as a non-shia State; they utilize all their energies that lest shia beliefs and ideologies be highlighted in any condition. They shrink even from putting shia news items. If any one doubts then he should go through these papers for one month that how much importance these papers give to a specific sect. Though there are dozens of fresh newspapers in the field but they need a time to go forward, and the same “journalism Dictators” are obstruction in their path.

Today, we speak of problems being faced by Muslims in other countries, and that they have not such facilities possessed by others; even in prison, they are not given halal meals. But if the same violation of rights is being committed against shia in a country which founder was Shia and which is not sectarian stae constitutionally but an Islamic Starte, then such injustice is worthnoting as well as concerning…!!!

In this situation, when shia nation faces an extreme bigotry behavior, there in this nation are present a few such rich persons who call themselves shia and who always have an access to the assemblies, they always speak on these forums only their self and family – it’s a tragedy of shia nation!

In this situation, shia wherever they are they should:

- Work for eminence of Islam and unity of Muslims making clear that unity can go forward only when there is no encroachment upon each other’s rights, and respect each other

- Keep in touch with each other. Support those organizations, which are working for eminence of truth and not for earning money

- Muslim rulers have given nothing save problems, in such a situation, people should become one and raise voice of protest for each other

- Those who keep pain for Islam in their hearts should record their protest to these newspapers by email or fax urging them to change their policy

- Likewise, attention of the powers that be should also be drawn by all means available i.e. telephone, fax, email and resolutions that give ideological representation to shia in all state departments including media.


Shia organization in Malaysia ?

Thur, Sep 11, 2003

Dear Sir
I want to know is there any shia organization, imabargha or any person in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur?

If yes then give me the address because I am going to Malaysia for study

Hope you will help me
ok bye

khurram raza


Letter by Muslim brother from fbd Pakistan

Tues, Sep 9, 2003

Salam from Pakistan. I have my family and friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I lived in UK for 25 years .I am a Sunni Muslim who ahlay bait. i believe who ever try to create difference between two brothers is not a Muslim at all. banu omia did not help Islam they spoiled the name and the face of Islam. When visiting UK, Glasgow will come and visit the center. may Allah be with u all ur brother is Islam.

Safdar asrar
faisalabad Pakistan


Info regarding risalah of Ayatollah Bahjat needed

Mon, Sep 8, 2003

As salam alaykum

I am looking for the risalah of Ayatollah Bahjat in English or in Arabic. I would appreciate some instruction how to get it. Please let me know if you can help me, insh'Allah.

Fi amanillah

'Abbas Di Palma


Biography of Ayatullah Shaheed Baqer al-Hakim

Tues, Sep 2, 2003


I was searching for Biography of Ayatullah Shaheed Baqer-al-Hakim on the Net, came across ur site, couldn't find it in ur site either.
If possible pl. send it across in an email or pl. publish it on ur site.

Thanks in advance!
mirza mustafa hussain baig


Info needed about Abd Shah Ghazi

Mon, Sep 1, 2003

I have a religions website specialising in Islam. I cannot find any information about Abd Shah Ghazi, shrine in Karachi. Is it a Shi`a place of pilgrimage, when did this saint die please.

Thank you if you can respond urgently as we are putting an image up today.

Best greetings from London



53A Crimsworth Road
London SW 8 4RJ, UK


Post on tragic Najaf attack by Joan Bonnington

Sat, August 30, 2003

I am sorry for what happened today. There are those in this world who would have the people of this world fighting each other instead of working together. They work most diligently to have each of us thinking that the other is intent on doing harm to the other.

I wonder what would happen if we could rise above the chaos and embrace the goodness in others. To me, goodness wants to see a healthy future for all of humanity--mothers, fathers, grandparents and grandchildren living the lives they were meant to live.

Why do people try to be God or Allah? Life is hard enough as it is.
Joan Bonnington


Post on tragic Najaf attack by Seyede Katayon Kasmai

Sat, August 30, 2003

Assalam Aly kom va RahmatAllah va Barakatu,

Congratulations on the Birth of Imam Baqir, and deep regrets of the sad occasion of the Martyrdom of Ayatullah Baqir Al-Hakem, and many of the momeenin.

I have contacted you today to announce the birth of IslamicSource.org as another front in our struggle as Shi'a of Ali (as) and in the wait of the Imam Mahdi (as) Ya Sahib-aZaman.
May Allah guide us all to the straight path.
Seyede Katayon Kasmai


Help sought

Wed, August 20, 2003

how can I find the e-mail of Dr. Ahmad Tigany. If you have this e-mail please send it to my e-mail

Ali Sedaghat



Tues, August 19, 2003

Please send me contacts of Shia Organisations around the World.


Muslim Rajani


Well done keep it up, suggestions…

Monday, August 11, 2003

Dear Mr. Salman Alvi,

Ya Ali (AS) Madad, AOA!
How r u! This is Syed Waqar Haider Naqvi from Lahore. I m really pleased to search this site on net. I was searching an Islamic site, which can provide me a good stuff to share my time with the Islamic themes. So I went on yahoo search and began searching. This site was one of the twenty most popular sites all over the world related to Shia Isna-e-Asharia. I really don't have the words to praise your efforts. You people are serving the nation in very well manners and in the right direction. In fact I must say that in this materialistic world you people are sharing a lot of time in the service of nation. I’ m sure that you people will be awarded reward by the Mohammad O Ale Mohammad. No one can award you except them. But really I’ m wondered that you are guiding the community and providing the good things i.e. knowledge, stuff, and so many things including Biographies to the nation.

I m here just to request you people that in your page some things must be there so that we may take the guidance from you and can have the easy approach to the Ulama-e-Karam. The things that I want in this page are the following:-

1- Open debate on different topics if a single person have the query and want to get the guidance from elders. You know that our youth don't have the sufficient knowledge of Islam including myself. And we (as a community) don't have a habit to consult the Islamic Books. Though this is our fault but this habit cannot be adopted with out interest. So this site can be a source of exchanging our views in different aspects.

2- There should be a questionnaire segment in this site where we can ask any question and can get the answer with the proofs not with the logics. Proofs means that the answers must be given from the authentic books of Islam which cannot be challenged at any forum. And the answer should have a complete reference that from which book you are quoting the reference and answering the youngsters.

3- You should induce the youth for the Azadari -e- Imam (AS) by offering the Qaul-e-Imam. I mean that there should be a page related to Azadari- -e Syed ush Shuhada (AS) from where people should open the page and can found the Farman-e- Masoomeen (AS) related to Azadari and other things. There should be teachings and lesson that in the way of Azadari if one weep that wheat would be reward of it?? No doubt that there is page in it related to Azadari but I’m still thirsty that what I wanted to see in it is not found?? Kindly make it more improved and induce the youth from this page for Matam -e- Mazloom Karbala.

4- Kindly include all the Biographies of Ahlebayt (AS) in it which can guide the youth of the nation.

I know that I don't have any right to ask you people to change the existing things and add some more things. I agree that criticism is really very simple thing. Those people who don't do any thing they just criticize the people who are serving the nation. But really I assure my co-operation all the time. I’m in Lahore and doing research and development in a leading Garments company. If you are agreed with my suggestions then I would really thankful to u for your deeply acceptance of my views. But in case you reject my suggestions then I would also be thankful to you that you gave me much time to read my this long mail.

Take care of yourselves May Maoula Ali (AS) give you more opportunity to serve the nation and you people would definitely be rewarded and may Maula prolong your lives.

Thanks a lot for being with me here. I would appreciate if you can reply me even in very short lines.

Waqar Haider.



Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Abstain from an action which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly. Refrain from a deed which you will have to accept as evil or bad, or for which you will have to tender an apology or excuse".
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S))

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