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  Updated: February 6, 2010

Assalamo Ala’l Hussein … Over 14 million gather in Karbala for Arbaeen

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: An estimated more than 14 million Husseini mourners commemorated Arbaeen Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) in the holy city of Karbala - home to Husseini and Abbasi shrines - on Safar 20, Feb 5 Friday paying rich homage to the supreme and matchless sacrifice rendered by the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S) along with his 72 faithful near and dear ones for religion and Shariah in the burning desert of Karbala some 1,400 years ago.

Representative of Al-Marjaiyah Al-Oliyah paid thanks to all brothers who participated in making this Zyarah al-Arbaeeniyah successful.

He said that a record number of 14 million and 200,000 mourners from across the country and other global parts observed Arbaeen in karbala.

Meanwhile, at least 40 mourners were martyred and 154 others wounded when twin car bombs tore through a crowd of pilgrims packing a highway as they walked to the holy city on Friday for Arbaeen. 

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