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  Updated: January 14, 2010

One million observe Imam Sajjad (AS) martyrdom at Zayd b. Ali shrine in Hilla

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HILLAH, Iraq: An estimated more than one million mourners gathered at the holy shrine of Zayd bin Ali bin Al-Hussein (AS) near Al-Kifl south of Babil, Iraq, to observe the anniversary of martyrdom of Al-Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein As-Sajjad (AS).

According to Special secretary for the shrine Mr Sheikh Qassem Al-Hasanawi all necessary arrangements were made to serve the guests of Al-Imam As-Sajjad (AS) and to make this pilgrimage successful.

Hillah Police Chief Fadhil Radad said that Babil Police with cooperation from Najaf Police made measures for success of this pilgrimage.    

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