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  Updated: January 5, 2010

Sha’a’er-i-Husseiniah observation in Auckland

By: Raza Ali

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: Devotees of Ahlil Beit (AS) belonging to different nationalities who reside in New Zealand observed Sha’a’er-i-Husseiniah with due reverence on Ashoura – Moharram 10.

Sayedah Fatimah Az-Zahra Charitable Association arranged Husseini rituals in Auckland.

New Zealand’s largest city Auckland is located on the country’s North Island. Nearly a third of New Zealand’s population lives in Auckland—just over one million people.

Behroz Kohi, Bismillah Muhammadi, Babak Baba Khwani and Nasrollah Al-Alawi recited elegies to pay homage to the grand sacrifice of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) along with his 72 faithful companions some 1,400 years ago in the hot desert of Karbala.

The mourning gathering or the Husseini majlis ended with recitation of Zyarah Ashoura and collective prayer led by Sheikh Hamid Sultaniyan.  

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