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  Updated: July 10, 2010

Maba’ath An-Nabawi, Meraaj observed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia

By: Abdulali/ Ismail Zabeeh

AL-QATEEF, Saudi Arabia: In celebration of Maba’ath An-Nabawi, Meraaj and Israa on Rajab 27, magnificent festivals were held in Iraq and eastern parts of Saudi Arabia.

Throngs of believers and devotees of Ahlul Bayt (p) attended the programs in great happiness. Speakers and scholars in their addresses at beautifully decorated mosques and hosayniyaat threw light on different aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad (S).

In Al-Awamiya, grand functions were held at hosayniah Al-Batool (as), hosaniyah Daar Omm Al-Banin (as) and other venues. Al-Mulla Abu’l Makaram addressed.

In the holy city of Najaf, tens of thousands of devotees gathered at the holy shrine of Al-Imam Ali (AS) to extend their greetings to the first infallible successor of the Prophet Muhammad (s) marking the occasion.

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