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  Updated: July 21, 2010

Iraqi army present guard of honor to Husseini Military Chief on gold gilding ceremony Jafariyanews' Exclusive report

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: A magnificent ceremony marking the completion of gilding the holy minarets of the shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas peace be upon him with gold and the beginning of two projects i.e. renewal of Zarih As-Sharif (net around the holy grave), and expansion of the holy shrine compound was held on the occasion of cherished memory of the birth anniversary of Al-Abbas peace be upon him on 4 Sha'ban 1431.

Arrangements were made to illustrate the three projects supported by photographs and documents, as well as the production of the last three documentaries concerning the three projects through the unity of editing and photography, and to move the ceremony to the big screens, and give copies of films to satellite channels to broadcast.

The splendid ceremony began with the recitation of Quranic verses by the muazzin of the two holy shrines i.e. Husseini and Abbasi, Sheikh Haj Mustafa As-Sarraf.

Then followed a speech by Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi in which he richly praised "the efforts of Iraqis in completing dozens of projects in Karbala holy shrines for turning it into the centers of intellectual, cultural, social and creativity of engineering enlightenment, as well as its spiritual status for the believers, all under the guidance of senior religious authority (al-marjaiah al-olyaa) in holy Najaf."

Ater that, President of Shiite Endowment Mr. Saleh al-Haidari, addressed. he blessed the efforts of the holy shrine workers.

Then came the second part of the ceremony, announcing the completion of a workshop in the basement of the Abbasi shrine for manufacturing holy nets, for the first time in Iraq. Then a piece of the new Zarih (net) to be fixed around the holy grave of Abu al Fadl al Abbas (peace be upon him) was shown as the very first product of the workshop.

Officers from the Iraqi army and officials from Ministry of Defense were also standing there waiting to present guard of honour to the Chief of the Husseini Military and the standard-bearer of Imam Husayn peace be upon him Abu al Fadhl al-Abbas peace be upon him to mark the beginning of the main part of the ceremony that was declaring to the world gilding of holy minarets of the shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas peace be upon him with gold..

After collection of representatives of the religious leaders (marjaiyaat), scientists, media on the platform, elders of the tribes of Iraq and Iraqi State officials were invited at the stage.

After removing the plastic, which covered both minarets during the implementation of the project for 22 months, signals were given to bring down two white curtains from the minarets. Then eulogies were recited.

A Pakistani engineer achieved the honour to supervise this gold gilding project.

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