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  Updated: November 26, 2010

Eid Al-Ghadir observed in Najaf e Ashraf

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF NAJAF, Iraq: Eid Al-Ghadir also called as Eid Al-Wilayah was observed across Iraq with great reverence and enthusiasm on Dholhijjah 18. Hundreds of thousands of devotees gathered at the holy Haideri shrine in the holy city ofNajaf to renew their pledge of allegiance to Al-Imam Ali Al-Mortadha (AS).

The formal declaration of Imamah (Leadership) of Al-Imam Ali (AS) was announced by the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) on 18th of Dholhijjah of the year 10 AH at Ghadir Khomm near the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia after the 'Farewell Hajj'.

On this historical and auspicious day on the divine orders of Allah Almighty (SWT), the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) formally declared Imam Ali (AS) as 'The Caliph of the Muslims after the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) saying: To Whom I'm Lord, Ali is Lord, O Allah! Befriend whoever befriend him and be hostile to whosoever is hostile to him."

After his declaration, the angel Gabriel came from Allah and brought these verses of Quran: Al-Youma Akmaltu lakom deenakom wa Atmamto alaykom ne’mati (this day I have completed My religion and fulfilled My blessings on you)."

Al-Imam Ali (AS) is the only unique personality in the world who was born in the Holy Ka’aba and was martyred in the Mosque.


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