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  Updated: August 23, 2011

Indians mourn Imam Ali holding majalis, processions

By: Nizam Hussain

LUCKNOW, India: Martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Ali (AS) was reverently and respectfully observed across India on Ramadan 21 with holding grand majalis e aza and mourning processions.

Fasting (those who keep fast (roza) mourners attended these programs, did matam, performed zanjeer-zani and thus paid condolence to the holy family of prophet (s).

In Lucknow, the procession of 19th Ramazan is also known as 'Gileem ka Juloos'. It originated in the morning from Masjid-e-Kufa in Kazmain. Before the start of the procession, it was addressed by Maulana Mirza Mohammad Ashfaq. The procession passed through Nakhas and culminated at Pata Nala where it was addressed by Maulana Meesam Zaidi. As per the tradition the juloos was handed over to the women.

The procession on 21st Ramazan was originated from Najaf and culminated at Talkatora Karbala.

Also in Haiderabad Dakkan, Huge mourning processions were taken out and majalis held.


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