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  Updated: December 27, 2011

Safar 1 … Arrival of Sabaya Ahlil Bayt (AS) in Syria observed

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Safar 1 marks the anniversary of arrival of Sabaya Ahlil Bayt (AS) or the prisoners of progeny of Prophet Muhammad (S) in Syria. The day is observed across the world with holding majalis al-azaiyah and mourning processions.

Sheikh al-Kaf’ami and Sheikh al-Behai said that the holy head ofAl-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) was entered to Damascus on first day of Safar, the second month of lunar calendar, and it was Eid or the feast in the sight of Bani Umayyad, and our sorrow increases therein.

Al-Majlisi narrates in Jala’al-Ayoon from some old praising books from Sahal bin Sa’ad that he said that he asked one little girl from that caravan of prisoners: who are you? She replied: I am Sakinah bintul Hussein. I asked her: do you have any demand from me? I am Sahal bin Sa’ad who had seen your grandfather and had listened to His hadith. she said: O Sahal, say to that man of this head that he forward the head from us so that people remain busy in looking at it and do not look at the holy ladies of Prophet (s) house. Sahal said: I went to hat man and said to him that I have some request from you. Fulfill my need and take four hundred dinar. The man asked the request and I told him that forward the head from Haram (holy ladies). He did so and I gave him what I had promised.

In a narration of Ibne Shehr Ashob it is stated that when next day he took out that money, Allah had made it black stone written on one side of it this Quranic verse: and think not that Allah Does not know what oppressors do.

Al-Imam Al-Baqer (AS) narrates that when ladies and children of Imam Al-Hussein (AS) entered in Syria and they were seated on bare camels with no hijab, a man from the people of Syria said: we have never ever seen such prisoners with so pretty faces. Sakinah bintul Hussein said: O the oppressors we are prisoners of Aal-i-Muhammad (S).


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