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  Updated: July 19, 2011

Zeyarah Ash-Sha’baniyah culminates with over 6 million participate

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Amidst tight security and best facilities, an estimated more than six million pilgrims including 125 thousand foreigners from India, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Canada, US, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and different European countries, performed Ziyarah ash-Sha’baniyah that falls on 15th Sha’ban night (night between 14 and 15 Sha’ban).

Aamaal were performed at the holy shrines of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) and Abo’l Fadhl Al-Abbas (AS).

At the Husseini shrine compound, Ayatollah Sayed Mortadha Al-Qazwini addressed. Extending greetings to all marking the birth anniversary of the Last Proof of Allah Al-Imam Al-Mahdi Al-Montadhar (AS), he demanded from the US forces to quit Iraq immediately.

The A’maal ended with the floating of thousands of candles and letters to Imam Al-Mahdi – Imam of the Era (may Allah hasten his reappearance) - on a river in Holy Karbala at Sunday July 17 pre-dawn (Sha’ban 15).

Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) is also known as the Hidden Imam. He will reappear when the Lord decrees. Therefore, Al Mahdi (AS) is according to the Muslims the coming Messiah and Savior. The Holy Prophet mentioned, "I bring you glad tidings of al-Mahdi, God shall send him to my nation, in a time different from your own, and after a series of earthquakes, and he shall fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and oppression. He shall distribute the wealth equitably among the inhabitants of the earth."

The Mahdi is a guide as well as a Savior as his title al Mahdi indicates, which means "The Guide." Therefore, the Twelfth Imam is ever ready to assist his followers when they need him by one method or another. Imam Mahdi is aware of the state of his followers and is prepared to assist when he is called upon. This has been confirmed by the Imam himself when he said, "As to the way of benefiting from my presence during my disappearance, it is similar to the profit we gain from the sun while it is hidden from sight by the clouds."


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