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  Updated: May 29, 2011

Husseini, Abbasi shrines take part in "Ya-Hussein Road" project

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Keen to provide the best services for pilgrims to the Husseini and Abbasi holy shrines in Karbala, especially during the specific visits throughout the year, the Two Holy Shrines participated through its engineering and technical departments in the (Ya-Hussein Road) project allocated to the visitors coming on foot from Najaf to Karbala city.

Chief of engineering projects in Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, Engineer Dia, Majid Al Sayegh said: "This road extends in parallel to the Karbala Najaf road. This road will be allocated only to the visitors coming on foot, especially during the million visits in order to reduce the crowds on the main road and allow the smooth movement of vehicles. "

He said: "There are several donors for the implementation of the road, including the two holy shrines, and the Department of roads, bridges in the Ministry of Housing and Construction, office of Karbala, and the Department of the direct implementation in the province of Karbala."

"Al-Abbas holy shrine sponsored (4 km) to be paved of this project, starting from the Zubayliah check point down to the host of Abu al Fadl al Abbas (peace be upon him)."

About the work in this project, Eng. Dia explained: "In the beginning, mechanisms of Al-Abbas holy shrine opened the way to be ready for work as a first stage, removing the constructions on the path of the road after the approval of the owners to raise the assets of their own, and then shoveling the ground adding the amounts of soil to reach the level specified with commitment to the distance of separation from the main road, then spreading the soil in the form of layers."

"A further phase has been added. It is the settlement of the shoulders of the street on both sides left and right, with about (30) meters length and the level (thickness) is different from (80) cm to (1,5) M, to reach the required level."


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