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  Updated: May 5, 2011

Imam Hussein Shrine new designs made public

By: Mohamed Ali

ROME, Italy: The designs created for the holy shrine of Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (AS) were unveiled during a ceremony with veteran Iranian miniaturist Mahmoud Farshchian.

The prominent artist and creator of the designs announced that Imam Hussein's (AS) shrine would be built during the next six months and promised that it will be a masterpiece of religious art.

Artists beautify the world with their creations and works of master Farshchian does the same, said director of Sa'ad Abad Cultural and Historical Complex where the unveiling ceremony was held.

Farshchian works stir emotion and compassion because they are created by a perfectionist artist, who arouses the love of God in viewers, added Hassan Mohseni.

Participants in the ceremony also watched a short film presenting a step-by-step demonstration of Farshchian's work, Fars News Agency reported.

I was invited to design the shrine five years ago and I accepted the proposal as an honorary work, said master Farshchian, adding that the designs will be realized through the works master embosser Khodadadzadeh and master calligrapher Movahhed.

Farshchian is known as Iran's master of miniatures, whose works have been displayed in numerous galleries and museums around the world such as the British Library, Freer Gallery of Art, Bibliotheque Nationale, Metropolitan Museum and Harvard University.

The 81-year-old artist was chosen as an outstanding 21st century intellectual by Cambridge and has received an honorary doctorate in fine arts.

Farshchian has created many outstanding paintings with religious themes, such as Prophet Abraham and Flagbearer of Truth which pictures a wounded image of Abolfazl al-Abbas (AS), the standard bearer of Imam Hussein (AS) in the battle of Karbala.


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