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  Updated: November 15, 2011

Idd Al-Ghadir celebrated in China

By: Khadija Chinese

SHANGHAI, China: Like other countries, Idd Al-Ghadir was observed in China by holding festivals at mosques and husseiniyahs.

An event to mark the happy occasion was organized at Iranian Embassy in Shanghai by Iran Cultural Center on November 12.

Iranian officials, their families and momineen residing in China attended the program that began with Quran recitation followed by Iran cultural attaché’s speech on Seerah of Imam Ali (AS) and importance of Idd Al-Ghadir.

At another ceremony marking the happy day was held in Beijing, devotees of Imam Ali (AS) expressed their respect to the families and relatives of Islam's great Prophet and Imams, and stressed on their heart connection with the holy men. 


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