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  Updated: September 6, 2011

Qatif observes anniversary of Hadamo Qaboor Al-Baqi

By: Abdulali

Al-AWAMIYAh, Saudi Arabia: Oil-rich, Mominin-dominated eastern region of Saudi Arabia has finalized preparations to observe Zekrah Hadamo Qaboori Aaimmah Al-Baqee Al-Gharqad or the anniversary of demolition of shines of imams in Al-Baqee cemetery.

Marking the sad occasion, a majlis al-azaiyah (mourning sitting) will be held at al-Imam al-Hussein (AS) mosque in Al-Awamiyah on September 6, Shawal 8 Tuesday night soon after salat al-Ishaain. Sheikh Naji Al-Ibadi will address.

Maukab As-Sayedah Zaynab (AS) in al-Awamiyah, Al-Qatif will also revive the occasion at masjid Sheikh Mohamed on Tuesday at 9 PM. Husseini dirge chanters Bandar Ash-Sharimi and Hassan Al-Aseeri will recite elegies.


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