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  Updated: September 9, 2011

UK: Protest in front of Saudi Embassy condemn Baqee demolition

By: Raza Ali

LONDON: Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy on Thursday to express their anger over the demolition of Janna-tul-baqee by Saudi rulers in 1925. Protest was arranged by TNFJ UK and Anjuman Ghulaman-e-Hazrat Abbas(as) AGHA.

Protestors were chanting slogans for reconstruction of Al-Bqee, the holy graves of daughter of Holy Prophet Hazrat Fatemah Zahra (SA), Aaimah Athaar Imam Hasan(as), Imam Zainul abideen(as), Imam Baqir(as), Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(as), wives and companions of Holy Prophet(PBUH).

On that occasion Ayatollah Hassan Raza Ghadeeri addressed the protestors and emphasized the Muslim ummah to restore the great signs of Islamic heroes. He demanded that United Nations, Unesco and OIC should play their role to save this heritage of mankind.

Dr Zahid Hussain read out the Message of Quaid-e-Millat-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi. Renowned Hussaini speaker Zakir Iqbal Shah Bajar also addressed.

The activists tried to present a Memorandum for Re-construction of Al-baqee cemetery to the Saudi ambassador in London, but the embassy officials refused to take any document.

Memorandum stated, "Where UNESCO ensures protection of archeological monuments throughout the world, there why it has not given attention to Janna-tol Baqi and Janna-tol Moalla which keep the joint heritage of entire humanity?"

Protest Organizer TNFJ UK convener Nasir Abbas Jaafari reiterated his pledge that TNFJ’s movement for restoration of Al-Baqee would be kept continue till its success.

Heavy matam was performed in the end.


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