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  Updated: April 11, 2012

TNFJ Provincial leader martyred in Quetta; Moosavi says Oppression has to annihilate, advises patience

By: Abu Ammad Jafri

QUETTA, Pakistan: Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi while expressing his deep grief over the martyrdom of six people including TNFJ provincial secretary general Shabbir Qazalbash in the sorrowful firing incident at Prince Rd. Quetta has said we are Husseinis and martyrdom is our inheritance; neither we can be made afraid by cheap tactics of murder and arson nor love for religion and motherland can be decreased from our hearts.

Appreciating the services of Shabbir Qazalbash, Agha Moosavi advised the activist of the Tehreek to be patient as integrity of nation and motherland is dearer to us. Allah is with those who work patiently and the final victory is also that of patients. Oppression and barbarism have to annihilate.

He deplored that the government had banned nearly two dozen terrorist outfits at official level but despite all this the same elements were working with the original and new names.

He strongly demanded from the government to take solid steps for eradication of terrorism and judiciary must set up a high-level inquiry commission for investigation of all incidents.

The TNFJ chief while stressing that name of Shabbir Qazalbash will always remain alive along with the mission of Wila and Aza said he was a labourer following in the footsteps of Amir ul Momineen Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS).

Furthermore the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced a three-day mourning for them. Addressing an emergent meeting of central cabinet of the TNFJ here at the headquarters of the Maktab-e-Tashih, he said Gen. Ziaul Haq staged a rebellion and tried to turn the motherland Pakistan into a State belonging to a particular group on the desire of colonial powers. In his era, Muhammad Hussain Shad, Ashraf Ali Rizvi, and Safdar Hussain Naqvi kissed Shahadat. Those tragic incidents were actually the starting point of the terrorism the objective of which was to divert motherland Pakistan from the Two-Nation Theory and from the path of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam. A heinous conspiracy began to please the colonial powers by pitching brother against brother and to shed blood. The terrorism that began from Hathora (hammer) changed many colours and ultimately colonial powers and their agents were utilizing all their energy in shedding blood in Pakistan.

Agha Moosavi said Osama drama was staged for interference in Afghanistan that Pakistan was put into the fire of terrorism by bringing her on the front-line as a result of which the whole country is now confronted with terrorism. He said Drone attacks, flight of jet planes, attack on Salalah check-post, suicide attacks, and target killings, etc. were used to the extent that even the Madaris, mosques, Imambargahs, colleges, markets, offices, bazaars, GHQ, federal capital, and important government institutions could not remain safe. The biggest drawback is that police arrest the culprits but the courts set them free that provide them more strength. The judiciary could not prove fulfilment of the norms of justice and fair-play.

The TNFJ chief said that the nation was still mourning the incidents of Kohistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Chilas, Hazara Town Quetta, Karachi and Siachen that TNFJ provincial General Secretary and the popular personality of the area Shabbir Qazilbash was martyred along with his companions at Prince Road Quetta Monday night. Late Qazilbash was the practical supporter of coherence amongst all schools of thought and used to earn his bread and butter through labour following Maula-e-Kainaat Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S.). He said we still stick to our long-standing point of view that a terrorist keeps no Maktab or a country. He said the enemy desires that we should accuse each other but it would never be done, we can bear our own murder but would not allow the murder of Makatib. Even if we are cut into pieces and turned into ashes, the voice of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ would come from each particle of the ash, he added. He said they are the followers of Syed-us-Shuhada Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S.) and preach to unveil oppression, brutality and suppression, stick to the path of Hussainiyyat and adopt the path of the oppressed.

Agha Moosavi appealed the countrymen to observe the mourning days by organizing Quran Khwani, Majalis-e-Tarheem and collective prays for all Shuhada without any discrimination including provincial TNFJ secretary general Shabbir Qazilbash and pray for the interests of the Islamic World and for the protection and solidarity of Pakistan, and to thwart any effort aimed at creating difference amongst the Makatib. He made it clear that we are not amongst those who polish their politics on dead bodies, we are the ones who accept Shahadat, we only need long lasting life for Pakistan and its people. He said we can do everything, and all and sundry should remember that it was TNFJ that overtook the Islamabad Secretariat in 1980 and started agitation in the Zia era but no loss of property was caused. We are still strong enough but we don’t do the politics of jalao-gherao and maar-dhaar rather we keep the interests of Pakistan and its people supreme, he added.

The TNFJ chief said that staging protest is the basic right of every nation but we would not give it a wrong colour. He said the Chief Justice has recently announced in Quetta that the area administration would be responsible for any incident that takes place in any area. He said it is a recongised fact that the rulers who could not provide protection to the motherland have no right to remain in power. He said we have appealed several times to the Chief Justice to set up a high level tribunal to probe the incidents of terrorism since Zia era and find the reasons behind these incidents and ensure that these incidents do not take place in future. He said innocent people are being killed in the war of banned groups and the war of other countries is being fought in the motherland. He called upon the rulers and politicians to give attention to the people instead of utilizing their energy on saving the chair. He lamented that no financial compensation is being given to those who are hit by target killings.

The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi while expressing heartfelt sympathies with the bereaved families of Prince Road Quetta incident demanded from the government to arrest the killers of TNFJ Balochistan General Secretary Shabbir Qazilbash, Qurban Ali, Mama Karim, Nadir Ali, Saeed Ahmed and Mohammad Hussain immediately and give them exemplary punishment. The government should also compensate the loss and should announce financial compensation for the bereaved families of the Shuhada of Prince Road incident, he added.


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