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  Updated: August 15, 2012

With latam, elegies, Imam Ali (A)’s Martyrdom Anniversary observed in Kufa Mosque

By: Ismail Zabeeh

KUFA, Iraq: Prior to Fajar Adhan (Dawn prayer call) on Ramadan 19, flocks of mourning believers (mo’minin) began gathering in the Kufa Mosque to commemorate the anniversary of martyrdom of Amir-ol Mo’minn Al-Imam Ali (AS).

Mehrab of Kufa Mosque was the place where Amir-ol Mo’minn Al-Imam Ali (AS)’s head was struck with a poisoned sword while he was offering the dawn prayer.

Gates of the mosque were kept opened day and night during the days of ziyarah.

As the prayer-caller began Adhan while standing in the mehrab of the mosque, cries of men and women went high as well as they started azao latam (beating their heads and chests in grief).

After Adhan, the prayer-caller chanted the same words which were heard from the heaven in the dawn of the then Ramadan 19 when Imam Ali (AS) was wounded: “Tahaddamet Wallahi Arkan Al-Hodaa, Wan-tasamet Wallahi Aalam-ot Toqaa, Wan-Fasamet Wallahi Al-Orwatol Wothqa, Qotela Ibne Ammi Al-Mostafa, Qotela Al-Wasi Al-Mojtaba, Qotela Ali Al-Mortadha, Qatalahu Ashqal Ashqiyaa…” (By God, collapsed the pillars of guidance… cousin of Mostafa has been assassinated…. ).

Later, elegies were chanted and condolences were offered to the holy family of Prophet Muhammad (SW). 


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