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  Updated: February 10, 2012

Mauled ur Rasul (S), Al-Imam as-Sadeq (A) celebrations in east Saudi Arabia

By: Abdulali

SEHAT, Saudi Arabia: Mauled Or Rasul Al-Adham or the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (S) and his sixth infallible descendant al-Imam Jafer As-Sadeq (AS), is being celebrated as Osbu al-Wahdah in the oil-rich Mominin-dominated eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

Celebrations that started on Rabi ol oola 12 will end on Rabi ol Oola 19 Saturday February 11.

Thousands of believers attend these festivals being held at beautifully decorated ma’atam, husseiniyaat and mosques including masjid Al-Imam Zeinul Abideen (AS) Sehat, Jamay Ar-Rasul Al-Adham Sehat, husseiniyah Al-Montadhar Sehat, husseinyah Az-Zeinabiyah Al-Awamiyah, husseiniyah An-Nasser Al-Qatif, masjid As-Siddiqah Fatimah Zahra Safwa, masjid Ar-Rasul Al-Adham Safwa and many others.


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