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  Updated: January 31, 2012

Muslim Rulers must restore Holy shrines dignity, says Hamid Moosavi in huge mourning protest

By: Salman Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that the desecration and demolition of the holy sites is a black spot on the name of Muslim Ummah therefore, in order to get rid of the problems and come out of the crises, Muslim rulers must take steps to reconstruct and restore the dignity of the holy shrines of Mashaheer e Islam (heroes of Islam), and Sha’air Allah (sings attributed to the Almighty).

He said this while talking to the representatives of electronic and print media during a mourning and protesting procession brought out from Markazi Imambargah Jamea tul Murtaza G-9/4 Islamabad on the occasion of Alamgeer Hafta e Ehd o Paiman on Monday to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari AS.

Agha Moosavi expressed deep regrets on the fact that Muslim Ummah reciprocated to the efforts of the holy Prophet SAAW in such a negative way that the holy shrines of forefathers and Ahl e Bait (AS) of the holy Prophet of Islam, Umhat ul Momineen, and pious companions of the holy Prophet SAAW in the cemeteries of Jannat ul Baqee and Jannat ul Mualla were bulldozed and demolished during the year 1924 while the demolished shrine of the beloved daughter of the holy Prophet SAAW is a big question mark on the faithfulness and loyalty of Muslim Ummah.

Agha Moosavi said that when the Muslim Ummah is bent upon obliterating its own signs and holy sites, then how we can blame others? He stressed that holy sites of Saudia Arabia are the joint assets of the whole Muslim Ummah therefore we demand that the cities of Makkah and Medina must be declared as international cities, discrimination of Arab and non-Arab must be abandoned by disbanding Arab league and focusing and promoting the OIC only, while 57 Muslim states must free themselves from the clutches of international colonial powers.

He said that as the Muslim Ummah is the follower of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAAW therefore, to commemorate the death anniversary of the holy Prophet SAAW is the foremost duty of Muslim Ummah while the holy Prophet SAAW is the hero of the whole humanity. Agha Moosavi made it clear that similar to the Mashaheer e Islam, the signs attributed to those Mashaheer are also respectable.

While answering a question, Agha Moosavi said that international colonial powers have their own heinous designs; it never demands to restore democracy in the states where kingship holds all the powers as its own agents and stooges are in power in those countries and therefore they are acceptable for the colonial powers while Iraq was made a target and the shrine of Imam Abu Haneefa in Iraq was also targeted. Similarly, the holy Shrine of Imamain al Askarian (Imam al Hadi, and Imam Hassan Askari) in Samara was demolished in 2006 which could not be reconstructed completely and its glory has not been fully restored till date. Therefore, we strongly demand that its reconstruction and restoration must be completed on urgent basis, and arrangements for the living and protection of the pilgrims must be made.

Agha Moosavi also demanded from the Syrian and Iraqi governments to ensure protection and safety of pilgrims who have been the target of terrorism every now and then. He said that today the holy cemetery of Jannat ul Baqee is itself a sign of protest against its destruction and demolition, Alquds has been occupied by the jews, while hindus demolished the historic Babri mosque and all these tragedies are the results of the deeds of Muslim Rulers.

Agha Moosavi further reminded that I was also targeted during a Majlis e Aza at Imam ul Fuqaraa Hazrat Bari Shah Lateef (Bari Imam) Islamabad in 2005 where dozens of TNFJ workers kissed martyrdom, scores were injured while the shrine has been closed for a long time, neither the pilgrims are facilitated, nor the annual program of Urs is held. We demand that its construction must be completed on immediate basis and the place should be opened for pilgrims. He said that all this has been a part of well planned conspiracy. He said that international colonial powers consider Ummat e Muslima a threat to its own safety. He said that the rulers must wake up as efforts are being made to create differences among the established institutions of Pakistan. Agha Moosavi said that the way all the Muslims had united for the creation of Pakistan, now is the time to get united and unified to strengthen and develop our beloved homeland. He said that all the schools of thought had been appealed in the code of Azadari to join hands for holding the programs of Azadari and we are grateful to all the schools of thought for responding positively. He said that 26 banned organizations must be expelled out as it is the only solution of the problem of Terrorism. He said that protection of all the Pakistanis including minorities is vital as Islam does not allow inflicting harm even to a single human being.

Agha Moosavi said that we are the followers of that holy Prophet SAAW who always fought defensive wars while this protest of today is a part of the same strategy. He said that the way Kufr (non believers) is one nation similarly Islam is also a single nation therefore; Muslims throughout the world must get united to thwart the conspiracies against them and defend Islam together. While responding to a question about the possibilities of election in the country and political activities of some of the religious groups, Agha Moosavis said that although we do not condemn politics however, electoral politics based upon the names of groups, sects, areas or race is a poison and suicide for the whole nation. Agha Moosavi said clarified that the great sacrifice of the grandson of the holy Prophet SAAW, Hazrat Imam Hussain AS and sacrifices of his young ones were not aimed for a particular sect or group, rather they were offered for the sake of respect, and dignity of the whole humanity, as well as for the protection of deen o Shariat.

He appreciated Azadars for their peaceful participation in Majalis e Aza and mourning processions since 1st of Muharram ul Haram. Agha Moosavi reminded that Imam Hussain AS is not a hero of any particular sect or school of thought rather the holy Imam Hussain AS is a hero of the whole humanity and a good nation never forgets its heroes. He said that we presented the code of Azadari during the beginning of the month of Muharram to ensure respect and dignity of our nation and the country. He said that by announcing the programs of Ashra e Beemar e Karbala, Ashra e Shaheeda e Zindan, Hafta e Aseeran e Karbala, Ayyam e Arbaeen e Hussaini, Hafta e Azmat e Mustafa o Mujtaba, and Hafta e Ehd o Paiman we kept the memories of the Mashaheer e Islam alive while gave a strong message to the enemies of deen o Shariat that the followers of Hussainiyat will never forget this great sacrifice. He said that the holy Prophet of Islam is the leader of the heroes of Islam whose birth anniversary is celebrated with religious respect and spirit however, was there any arrangement to commemorate the death anniversary of the same holy Prophet SAAW? On this occasion, dozens of matami organizations performed matamdari to offer condolences in the courts of Bargah e Imamat o Risalat. The mourning procession after passing through its designated route, ended at the bab e Rasool e Khuda of Imambargah Jameatul Murtaza. Security was provided by the Mukhtar Force and Police on this occasion. On the route of the procession, Azadari camps were installed by Mukhtar Students Organization, Mukhtar Organization and Mukhtar Generation while Ibrahim Scouts (Open Group) led the procession. Representatives of religious organizations, Ulema e Karam, and leaders of matami organization participated in Naqab kushai, Parcham Kushai, and pursadari. Agha Syed Muhammad Murtaza Moosavi Advocate, Agha Syed Ali Rooh ul Abbas Moosavi Advocate and the family of Muhammad Ali Shakir expressed gratitude to all the participants of the Azadari procession.


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