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  Updated: March 13, 2012

Lebanon grand Sunni clerics demand Saudi occupation forces withdrawal from Bahrain

By: Karim Tellawi

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s scholarly figures while strongly condemning government oppression against the people have said that Saudi role in Bahrain serves American politics.

Sheikh Ahmed Zein, chairman of the trustees in Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon said Saudi withdrawal from Bahraini soil is must.

Prayers leader of Masjid Al-Qods Sheikh Maher Hamod said the only way to solve the Bahraini crisis is to give Bahrainis their legal rights besides pulling out of Saudi occupation forces from the kingdom.

Sheikh Mohamed Mo’id International Relations Official in Palestinian Scholars Council said: I would like to call attention of Bahraini government to give its people their due rights… I would also urge the Saudi government not to interfere in Bahrain’s internal affairs.’


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