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  Updated: March 28, 2012

Moosavi vows to continue Hussaini sha’a’ir; says some Muslim states turned Pakistan into arena for their wars

By: Salman Alvi

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has vowed to keep continue Hussaini sha’a’ir by performing Azadari, Matam, Zanjeer, Tatbeer and Qama Zani, which are also the source of keeping the spirit of the nation alive and alert. He expressed these views while talking to the president of TNFJ Europe, Nasir Abbas Jafferi at the headquarters of the Maktab e Tashayyo.

He further said that the colonial powers and unfortunately some of the Muslim countries have turned Pakistan into an arena for their wars of interests. Those countries that are playing these proxy wars have peace fraternity and prosperity in their countries while the God gifted state Pakistan has been pushed into the darkness of deprivation and terrorism. The public is ever ready to sacrifice everything over Islam and Pakistan but they should not be made fuel for the furnace of others interests. If the rulers are loyal to the motherland then they should have mercy upon the public and should immediately stop the bloodshed of innocent people, which is being sponsored by external resources. The new wave of target killings of the activists of the MQM in Karachi is highly condemnable.

Aqae Moosavi said that there is a saying of Imam Ali (PBUH), which goes, “I am entering into your city with three things, my horse, sword, and a body armour, if I leave with anything else then think that Ali has breached your trust”, while in Pakistan until yesterday, those who had nothing on their feet and even did not have a bicycle to ride have become multi millionaires overnight; does the government not see that these elements have not done any other business then compromising on the interests of the motherland Pakistan and spilling the blood of innocents? If the rulers really want to turn the country into a hub of peace and want to put it onto the road of prosperity and stability then they will have to stop the external financial aid to those groups who are working for the interests of their masters since the era of Zia. Not only should the accounts of the religious, political organizations and their leaders be audited but their secret stash of resources of indulgence must also be probed into; in this regard, as always, the TNFJ put forward its finances for accountability.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, while rejecting absolutely the idea of sectarianism in Pakistan, said that in Pakistan the interests of Shia, Sunni and Barelvi are common who shared each other’s happiness and sorrows. However this matter is of grave concern that some of the incidents of terrorism are portrayed as sectarianism; while using these incidents as bait, disturbances and riots are instigated and the traders of blood come out of their safe havens who have no agenda other then cashing on the corpses. Those who talk about unity in their rallies and in the public meetings do not hesitate or feel shame in giving refuge to those who cause mayhem and disorder while the oppressed public is watching all this happening helplessly and with astonishment.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi posed a question that those lawyers who protested against the murder of Salahuddin Haider and his son, were they all Shia? If this is not true then why are incidents of terrorism called sectarianism? He said that until proper assessment is made the process of healing can not start; the rulers cannot free themselves by terming terrorism as sectarianism, linguistic or regional problems rather they should probe into the real causes of terrorism and root them out. He expressed his grave grief that the media is being forced to publish and broadcast the favourite news of some of the elements of the society with threats to those who refuse to act upon their instructions; an example for others to learn a lesson from. Dozens of journalists have lost their lives to the brutality of these elements.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the courageous stance of Imam Hussain and Hazrat Zainab (PBUT) has provided courage to the oppressed for raising their voice of protest against oppressors in every era and for very same reason Azadari e Syed ul Shuhada is the biggest and eternal movement of the oppressed and is a source of courage and determination for the destitute of society. We therefore, will carry on observing all the signs attributed to Imam Hussain (PBUH) by performing Azadari, Matam, Zanjeer, Tatbeer and Qama Zani, which are also the source of keeping the spirit of the nation alive and alert. He said that the TNFJ is observing the “Youm e Aqeela e Bani Hashim” on 5th of Jamadi ul Awwal with great religious zeal and reverence to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zainab the daughter of Imam Ali O Fatima Zahra (PBUH). He reminded that those expatriates who are living abroad are the ambassadors of the religion and the motherland and to complete this important responsibility they will have to be acquainted with the national affairs and the conspiracies of the enemies.

On this occasion Nasir Abbas Jaffari reiterated his resolve that no stone will be left unturned to convey the message of love and brotherhood of TNFJ. Salar of Markazi Matami Dasta Rawalpindi, Malik Asad Abbas, the chairman of MSO Bu Ali Mehdi, member of the MSO’s advisory council Joan Ali Mash’hadi and the TNFJ’s secretary Azadari Alla’a Haider were also present in the meeting.


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