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 Updated: November 19, 2012

Nigeria Muharram majalis continue

By: Nurruddin

KANO, Nigeria: In Nigeria Imam Hussain (A) majalis al-aza commenced in different part of the country on Thursday first Muharram 1434.

As usual members of the Movement in Kano gathered at the Husainiyyah located at Kofar Waika Kano to commemorate this year’s Ashura. They listened to lecture by Mallam Muhammad Turi.

People troop to the Husainiyyah daily to express their love to Imam Husain (AS) with popular slogan of ‘Ya Husain’ while sending salawat to the grandson of the Prophet (S).

During his welcome address on the first day of the Ashura Majlis sheikh Turi expressed that Ashura gathering is aimed at reviving the Sunah of the Prophet (S) as the Prophet himself mourned Ashura tragedy and even described that his son Husain will be killed at Karbala plain and he should be helped. ‘We are mourning the Ashura as did the prophet (AS)’, sheikh Turi added.


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