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 Updated: June 6, 2013

Over 7 million gather to mourn Ghareeb-i-Baghdad in Kadhimiyah

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY KADHIMIYAH, Iraq: Martyrdom anniversary of Al-Imam Mussa ibne Jafar Al-Kadhim (AS), the seventh infallible descendant of Prophet Muhammad (S), was observed with tears on Rajab 25 which fell this year on June 5 in Iraq.

According to the Secretary General of the Holy Shrine of Imam Mussa al-Kadhim the mourners who attended Kadhimiyah city to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Kadhim (AS) exceeded seven million pilgrims, among them (42,000) foreigners.

The mourners holding flags and chanting slogans had started their travel to Kadhimiyah since many days on foot in caravans.

In a press conference held in Kadhimiyah, Fadhel al-Anbari said: ''The pilgrimage started sooner this year, when it started seven days earlier, and the surveillance cameras monitored the peak time at the Wednesday night where the number of visitors exceeded seven million, among them (42,000) persons from outside Iraq.''

"The security side played an important role in serving the visitors, since no security breach was registered, though all challenges due to current crisis in security situation,'' he added.

"The mourning processions cooperated with the security forces to protect the Imam Mussa al-Kadhim (AS) mourners.'' he pointed out.

Grand tents were erected throughout the way to Kadhimiyah to ease the mourners. Food and cold drinks were served all over the days and nights.

The Husseini Procession Association in the Imam al-Kadhim holy shrine stated that 300 processions from inside and outside Iraq participated in the commemoration.


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