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Al-Quds not for sale…

By: Muhammad Ali

It is an old demand, existing since 1st world war and not getting better to warm it up again, but nevertheless Shimon Peres as official speaker of the labor party of Israel suggests again, in a new activity to bring eastern Jerusalem – AL QUDS – under international administration with Kofi Annan as the mayor to take it away from the true owners and defenders of AL QUDS, the Arab and especially the Palestinian people.

This man knows about the importance and the real history about AL QUDS and knows exactly, that Muslims never will give up this important place of Islamic history and the saint place it is for Muslims. Shimon Peres, who sold the peace Nobel price to Sharon, when he offered himself like a tail waving dog, shows his true face of selling the real efforts to peace and understanding in this demand of internationalization of AL QUDS that never never will happen.

AL QUDS is the capital of Palestine in past, now and forever and not only for the split parts of land which so generously are given to the Palestinians to keep them and the international community quiet after it was an English administration after world war II who made a new map at their desk at home in ignoring that the proud people of Palestine lived there in their land and their homes already. The Anti US_ and Israeli Globalization & Hegemony movement will deliver the worldwide signed petition to UN in the days of anniversary of intifada end of September, exactly at 1st of October. In this petition there is a strict refusal of agreeing to any Jewish state and to any compromises about AL QUDS and the historical, ethnical and moral rights of our people of Palestine.

All anti globalization groups, initiatives and parties in the meantime fight for those rights now together in worldwide activities after they waken up through the efforts of US and Israeli hegemony to govern all worlds and to stop the rights of Arabic nations.

It is more than ever necessary to stand together against those approaches as everybody could see now in the behavior against the Iraqi people and the plans to control all Arab worlds and after that all Asia and finally all worlds. What Israel practicing since half a century in Palestine to stele land, rights and to expel people from their soil, America is doing more and more all over the world.

The movement Anti/US and Israel strictly refuses to accept any ideas about giving them any rights, which are stolen rights and taking the land of Palestine or the Holy place of AL QUDS away from the true owners and keepers of faith. We invite you all to stand strong together for the sake of a free world and in this historical moment and time we need to be very strong. History will later show the braveness of the Palestinians in their struggle for free Palestine and AL QUDS and of all supporters to free the nation of Palestine and to free the Arab world from invators.

We demand you to sign the petition in any form we offer you to make it a strong sign of worldwide solidarity and to bring the spirit of intifada as the struggle against hegemony and the just fight for oppressed Palestinians at the days end of September, the 26th, 27th and 28th to all people around the world, who still have feelings of justice and morality. There is no doubt, that Palestine needs the world protection against weapons of mass destruction delivered to Israel from America to defend and secure all resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and so we ask you from our heart to sign the petition until end of September to bring it to United Nations.

International petition against globalization of Al-Quds






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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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