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Brethren in Iman & Islam!

Nabi (Prophet) and Rasool (Messenger) are the preachers of religion and shariat while Imam is the protector and defender of the same who is better in good habits, knowledge & deeds, piousness, courage & bravery, chastity & purity, and lineage & nobility from general public like Nabi and Rasool. In this context Maula-i-Kainaat Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) is considered the best of the entire universe after the Holy Prophet (SAW). There are 51 generations till Hazrat Adam Khalifatullah in which there are 17 Nabi, 17 Wasi, and 17 Mowah’hid and Wali. One of them is the great personality of Hazrat Abu Talib bin Abdul Mutlib (A.S.). According to research carried out by Sheikh Mufeed (R.A.) and other ulema, his real name is Imran, his elder son’s name was Talib that is why he was famous as Abu Talib (A.S.). Names of his other three sons were: Aqeel (A.S.), Jafar (A.S.), and Ali (A.S.). The image of any personality is built on his visible capabilities that include knowledge & deeds, struggle, jihad, sacrifice, firmness, forbearance, piousness and sincerity, and all these were excellently present in the great personality of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.). He is that enlightened, great, courageous, and manly member of his family in which there were hidden all capabilities and excellences of his respect worthy father Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (A.S.) to his Moris-e-Aala. Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) is that best personality of the world of humanity who was selected by Allah from amongst the whole universe for the upbringing of his beloved Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), that beloved personality of Allah who is Dana-e-Kull, Khatam-ur-Rusl, Ahmed Mursal (SAW), Raoof-ur-Raheem, Rahmatul Lil Aalameen and Malja-o-Mawa for humanity while Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) has been termed his Mawa:

(Did not He provide you with the shelter (of Abu Talib A.S.) when He found you an orphan)

Definitely, it is so. Abu Talib (A.S.) is providing shelter that is being called by Allah as His shelter. In other words He is terming the deed of Abu Talib (A.S.) as the deed of Allah that is solid proof of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.)’s being Kamil-ul-Iman (perfect in faith). The meaning of Iman as per dictionary is attestation and in terminology Iman is the name of belief in heart the knowledge of which is not with anyone but with Allah. Therefore, no one has the right to make a decision about any one else’s Iman and that too about the eldest personality who is also Murabbi and patron of Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW) rather Abu-ul-A’aimmah (A.S.). Holy Quran restricts keeping doubt about any one else’s Iman:

(Do not call non-Momin any one who claims to be a follower of Islam)

When there is such a commandment about common Muslims that keeping doubt about such a great personality like Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) who was the source of strengthening Islam and who bore all types of difficulties in Sh’eb-e-Abi Talib for the protection and defence of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is commensurate to teasing the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW).

(There is great torment for those who tease the Rasool)

The couplets rendered by Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) stand witness to his Iman:

(Oh, Rasool! You invited me towards Islam and I am sure that you are right in inviting towards Islam, and you are Sadiq and Ameen, already)

(It is my belief that the religion of Muhammad SAW is better than the religions of the world)

(By God, as far as Abu Talib is alive till that time, these atheists could not cause any harm to you even jointly)

Thus, it has been proved that Abu Talib (A.S.) was placed on highest pedestal of Iman. He helped Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW) like Momin-e-Aal-e-Pharaoh helped Hazrat Musa (A.S.):

(Said Momin of Aal-e-Pharaoh, who was concealing his Iman)

If Momin of Aal-e-Pharaoh could be called Momin by concealing his Iman then why Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) could not be called Momin? Hazrat Abu Talib’s (A.S.) knowledge, deeds, sympathy, sacrifice and host of problems he faced in Sh’eb-e-Abi Talib are the matters that are based on utmost sincerity and any wise person could not deny that. Atheists of Quresh severed their relations with Banu Hashim (AS) Banu Abdul Muttalib (AS) for three years (from 7 to 10 years Nabawi), and the atheists of Makkah signed an agreement amongst themselves that:

1. If Banu Hashim do not hand over Muhammad (SAW) to them for murder then there should be complete boycott of them.

2. No one should keep a contact with Khanwada-e-Banu Hashim.

3. No one should trade anything with them.

4. No one would provide anything to eat and drink to them.

5. No one would establish any relationship with them.

The agreement was written by Mansoor bin Akramah and it was hanged in Baitullah. The Holy Prophet was put in siege along with his whole family and patron Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.). The agreement between the atheists was totally rejected by Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) who by refusing to hand over Rasool-e-Khuda (SAW) to them proved that no one could cause any harm to Muhammad (SAW) in his presence which is a bright argument of Hazarat Abu Talib’s (A.S.) love and devotion with the Holy Prophet (SAW). When the uncle and patron of the Holy Prophet (SAW) breathed his last in 10 Nabawi, he (SAW), by declaring the year of his death as Aam-ul-Huzn (Year of Grief), made it clear on the whole world how much the Rasool (SAW) has loved Abu Talib (A.S.). The Holy Prophet (SAW) had to migrate from Makkah to Madinah after the death of his sympathiser and helpful uncle. I would like to ask the whole world that if Abu Talib (A.S.) and the Holy Prophet (SAW) were not followers of the same religion then on what basis the sympathy, sacrifice, company, bearing difficulties existed and why the Holy Prophet (SAW) termed the year of Abu Talib’s (A.S.) death as Aam-ul-Huzn (Year of Grief)? Anything that Rasool (SAW) utters, any work that he performs, any work performed in his presence on which he keeps quiet, is considered Sunnat. Therefore, declaration of the year of his death as Aam-ul-Huzn is Sunnat and it should be kept in mind that the Holy Prophet (SAW) could not term observing the death day of any non-Momin as Sunnat. When Amir-e-Shaam (ruler of Syria) wrote a letter to Maula-e-Kainaat Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) that: . He replied:

(But your grandfather Ummaya is not like my grandfather Hashim A.S., your grandfather Harb is not like my grandfather Abdul Mutlib A.S., and your father Abu Sufyan is not like my father Abu Talib A.S.)

Maula-i-Kainaat is telling him that my father and grandfathers were Momin and Mowah’hid.

When the international Taghoot (devil) of that era could neither bow down Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) and his family nor could divert them from the right path by severing relations, besieging them in Sh’eb-e-Abi Talib and imposing monetary, economic and social sanctions then how could the Taghoots (devils) of this era Bush, Sharon, Tony Blair, Vajpayee and their allies could overcome the followers of Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) today? They have seen that they by trying every tactic, destructing Afghanistan and Iraq, making the life of Kashmiris and Palestinians difficult, and imposing social and economic sanctions on the oppressed and have-nots, could not succeed in bowing the oppressed and Muslim nations because (10) righteousness could not be bowed down and speaks even on the point of the spear.

During the era of Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW), atheists carried out all types of oppression and brutality on him, offered Takht-o-Taj (crown & throne) but he said, “Put moon on my one hand and the sun on the other even then I would not given up saying Kalma-e-Haq (the truth)”. Therefore, atheists imposed many wars on him and carried out aggression against him but the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW) proved through his character and deeds that we are not aggressors. That is why the Muslim Ummah not only hates every type of aggression but also condemns it strongly and considers terrorism a great oppression.

The TNFJ is observing with fervour and reverence the Sad Demise of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) throughout the motherland Pakistan on May 29-30 as Ayyam-ul-Huzn following the Sunnat-e-Nabawi, and reiterates its resolve, through expressing hatred against oppressors and solidarity with the oppressed and have-nots, that it would not bow down before the international colonial powers and their agents and would continue unveiling their oppression and brutality at every forum through carrying out struggle against their excesses and injustice. The United Nations by giving power to America for running the administration in Iraq and by lifting sanctions against it has not only provided the proof of being her ‘B’ team but has also lost her own credibility. Now there is time of test of ICC and other organizations that to what extent, they are ready to do justice? We demand that the pretexts on which Bush attacked Iraq, setting aside United Nations Resolution and ignoring protest all over the world, all that was a lie and guile, therefore he should be declared a war criminal, be asked to pay damages and the atrocities being carried out in Kashmir and Palestine for more than a half century should be stopped forthwith and these issues should be resolved in line with the United Nations Resolutions keeping to the desire of their respective people so as to make the world a hub of peace.

While presenting condolences and sympathies to the holy family of Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) and their inheritor Hazrat Imam-ul-Asr Wazzaman (A.S.) on tragic occasion of Ayyam-ul-Huzn, we announce our commitment to always keep their flag fluttering high.

Khakpai Ghulaman-e-Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.),
Quaid Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan
26-27 Rabiul Awwal, 1424 Hijra
29-30 May 2003


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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