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Egypt: History of celebrating B-days of Prophet & Ahlul Bayt (p)

By: Sultan Ahmed

CAIRO, Egypt: Marking Moled An-Nabawi, or the birth anniversary of holy Prophet Muhammad (p), the biggest mosques and grounds have been decorated with grand pavilions, especially Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) Mosque and As-Sayyidah Zeinab (p) Mosque for reception of devoting visitors in Egypt.

Celebrations, religious conferences and lectures about the joyousness of this occasion and the seerah of Seal of Prophets (p) absorb multitudes of lovers of holy Prophet (p) as eulogists continue scenting the festivities by reciting eulogies in praise of holy Prophet Muhammad (p) till dawn. The sounds of 'Sobhan Allah', or Praise be to God and Peace be upon the Prophet (p) are repeated over and over again.

From dawn to dawn the streets are busy; the sweet sale shops are adorned by the embellished ornaments and their pavilions on the pavements extended to the attraction of the Egyptian families for the purchase of the different-taste sweet meats that form like the sesame, chickpea, Algozia, Walbsima, Walfolia and malban stuffed with the crackers and that are considered from the more important displays of the celebration of Prophet (p)'s birthday in Egypt.

Prince astride a horse, and a bride doll, made of sugar are especially made for children to enjoy the auspicious occasion. Fatimids were the first who made this doll. Swings and other games draw a large number of children where every child can play as much as he or she wants.

At home, people cook ducks or roasted sheep and invite their family and friends, to share in the repast. The wealthy may have set up 'mawaed' (dinner tables) for the passers-by to partake of the meal, where the best is cooked and served for the needy, the poor or those who just happen to be far away from home.

According to historians, Fatimids laid foundation of celebrations marking Prophet (p)ís birthday in Egypt. When Johar As-Saqaly came to Egypt he made arrangements for observance of Islamic feasts and celebrations, especially birthday of Chief of Prophets Prophet Muhammad (p) as well as birth anniversaries of Ahlul Bayt (p).


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