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  Updated: July 13, 2005

Jordan puts up anti-Shiia reports in UN terming them ‘danger’

By: Mohamed Ali

UNITED NATIONS: Diplomatic sources in the United Nations have revealed to Nahrain Net thick Jordanian diplomatic movement in the world body against Shiias in Iraq.

"It’s worth-noting that at present Jordan is safe haven for Ba’athist fugitives and especially for the family of ousted oppressor Saddam. "

According to these sources, a high-ranking European diplomat told them about a meeting that took place between one of aides of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and an assistant of Jordanian Ambassador in New York Zeid bin Ra’ad bin Zeid bin Al-Hussein.

The discussion of this Jordanian diplomat focused against Shiias in Iraq ensuring that they pose great danger for Arab national peace. The diplomat persuaded the United Nations to interfere with regard to Iraq and give preference to non-Shias in all State departments particularly in secret services, police and army ignoring this fact that Shiias make up majority in the country with their population 80 percent according to the most authentic figures.

The diplomat also urged the UN to give greater role to Lakhdar Barahimi – a close relative of Jordan King Abdullah – in bringing Ba’athists back to important departments and exerting pressure on Shiias in a bid to sideline them.

The sources told that officials of Jordanian Mission in UN have been working since long on this issue. They also presented written analysis from the Jordanian Foreign Ministry which explained in detail several points confirming the genuineness of Jordan fears from Shiia rule in Iraq, and creation of Shiia crescent in the region from Iran and Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.

It’s worth-noting that at present Jordan is safe haven for Ba’athist fugitives and especially for the family of ousted oppressor Saddam. Also, it organized crucial and meetings between Ba’athists and those personalities working against Shiias in Iraq. Key officials from Jordan secret agencies also attended these meetings which revolved around one basic point that is how to deal with Shiias and guaranteeing active and powerful presence in Iraq through different means that include mounting military operations and visits of non-Shiia delegations to a number of Arab and foreign governments to shore-up political and diplomatic support for their plans.

Egypt frees Aal-ul Beit (p) Society chief after 15-month detention

CAIRO, Egypt: Egyptian government has set- free an Egyptian Shia leader detained with a group of Shias and held without charge or trial for 15 months.

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