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  Updated: August 02, 2006

Supporting Hezbollah is obligatory: Qaradawi

By: Sultan Ahmed

CAIRO, Egypt: Renowned Islamic scholar Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi has called upon the Islamic world to fully support Hezbollah.

SUPPORTING Hezbollah is a Wajib (obligatory) religious duty of Muslims around the world because Shias are part of the Muslim Nation (Ummah), Qaradawi told Egyptian newspaper "Al-Wafad" in Cairo.

Qaradawi hailed resistance as the noblest act whether it was in Palestine or Lebanon. "Shias agree with the Sunnis in the main principles of Islam while the differences are only over the branches," he said.

Dr Qaradawi said any nation has the right to resist invaders. "It is the duty of Muslims around the world to support the Lebanese resistance."

Sheikh Qaradawi’s statement came as a rejection of the fatawa issued recently by some wahabi clerics in Saudi Arabia which prohibited Muslims from supporting or praying for Hezbollah due to its Shia background.

Egypt’s Islamic movement rejects Saudi sectarian verdicts on Hizbullah support

CAIRO, Egypt: One of the largest Islamist political movements in the Arab world, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood strongly rejected sectarian verdicts (Fatawa) by some Wahabi Saudi clerics against supporting Hizbullah in its fight against Israeli aggression.

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