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  Updated: February 12, 2006

Day of Qassem bin Al-Hassan (a) marked in Karbala

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: On 7th of Moharram, the day which is attributed to groom of Karbala Al-Qassem bin Al-Hassan Al-Mojtaba (a.s.), mourning processions were taken out in the holy city of Karbala to revive the occasion.

A large number of children and youth participated in aza Al-Qassem (a.s.) while holding candles, hina, sweets, candies and dry fruits in decorated trays.

13-year-old Qassem bin Al-Hassan (a.s.) was married to Sayyedah Fatimah Al-Kobra (a.s.), daughter of Al-Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali (a.s.), in Karbala before Ashura dawned.

Husseini groups that participated in commemoration of Qassem bin Al-Hassan (a.s.) included Al-Hassan Al-Mojtaba organization, Qamar bani Hashim, Maukab Shahid As-Sadr, Shabab Al-Hassan, Ar-Rasul Al-Adham, Ashbaal Al-Qassem, Shabab Al-Montazar, Jamhor Al-Haydariah and Zaynabiah, Jamhor Al-Fatimiah, Khadamah Ahl-ol Beit, Aba Al-Hasan wal Hussein wa Khadija-tol Kobra, Shabab Jafar At-Tayyar and Hayder Al-Karrar.

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