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  Updated: February 17, 2006

Hussaini, Zaynabi commemoration continues in Bahrain

By: Ali Al-Qadumi

AS-SANABES, Bahrain: Majales wa Mawakeb al-azaiyah, or the mourning sittings and gatherings continued in Bahrain in memory of Chief of Martyrs Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (A) who rendered supreme sacrifice to defend Islam and Shariah some 1,400 years ago in the plain of Karbala.

Processions were held on 11 Moharram to commemorate the night of Wahsha, the night after Ashura when Sayyedah Zaynab Al-Olyaa (a.s.), daughter of Al-Imam Ali (A) took the duty of guarding Hussaini women and children after their camps were set on fire and their articles were looted by Yazidi forces following the unjust slaughter of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A).

Azao Bany Assad was held on 13 Moharram, the day when Bany Assad men stood for burial of the Karbala martyrs.

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