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  Updated: February 19, 2006

Kuwait Shias still stick to Grand Maraje fatawa in favor of Tatbeer

By: Sultan Ahmed

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaiti Shiias have said they are still stick to fatawa of Grand Maraje in favor of Tatbeer (slit open head with sword letting blood to come out in grief f Imam Hussein) and other forms of Husseini mourning.

In a statement to Kuwaiti newspaper ‘As-Siyasah’, Shiia leaders said this should be known that Grand Maraje and chief fuqahaa from past to this day urged to perform all forms of Husseini Sha’a’er including loosing blood in grief of Sayed osh-Shohada Imam Hussein (AS). They referred fatwa (verdict) of Ostaz-ol Mojtahedeen Grand Marje Al-Meerza An-Nayeni. The same fatwa was up held by Grand Maraje Sayed Mohsin Al-Hakim, Sayed Mahmoud Ash-Shahroudi, Sayed Abdulhadi Ash-Shirazi, Sayed Abo’Al-Qassem Al-Khoei, and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Aal-i-Kashif Al-Gheta. And similarly edict of Sheikh Abdulkarim Al-Hayeri which was endorsed by Sheikh Al-Araki, Syed Shahab-oddin Al-Marashi, Sayed Muhammad Ash-Shirazi, Sheikh Vaheed Al-Khorasani, Meerza Jawwad At-Tabrezi, Sayed Muhammad Ash-Shahroudi and many others.

Those who signed the statement included Yousaf Yacoub Al-Qallaf, Fozi Yousaf Al-Qallaf, Ahmed Jafar Al-Hasan, Fadhil Abdonnabi Al-Iryan, Abdullah Kadhim Al-Jaddi, Anvar Khorshid, Soleyman Abdurredha Malek, Aqeel Abduredha Malek, Muhammad Ibrahim Nurruddin, Ammar Muhammad Jassem, Abdulameer Nasser An-Najadi, Abdullah Abdurredha Kakoli, Ali Muhammad Jassem, Imran Ibrahim Imran, Hasan Khaled Ghadhanfar, Qays Muhammad Hamza, Hussein Ali Ghaloum, Hani Hasan Safar, Sayed Taqi Al-Hashmi, Abdulkarim Hani Jaragh, Taleb Ali Bo-Hamd, Hussain Ali Bo-Hamd, Jaber Ali Bo-Hamd, Muhammad Solayman Karashi, Abdullah Ibrahim Baroun, Ali Baroun, Salih Hasan Safar, Jaber Hasan Safar, Ali Muhammad Ali Nasrullah, Karimah Muhammad Karam, Sohaylah Abdulhameed Marfi, Iman Abdurredha Al-Qallaf, Fatimah Yousaf bin Nakhi, Jassem Nurruddin, Sayed Taleb Sayed Ali SAyed Gharib, Abdullah Issa Shamsuddin, Khalid Mansor As-Solayman, Abdulameer Yousaf Al-Qallaf, Issa Yousaf Al-Qallaf, Hasan Yousaf Hussein, Ali Ahmed Safar, Abdulhadi Abdulkarim Al-Qatan, Badar Muhammad Jawwad Qoli, Ahmed Ali Ar-Rasheed, Abdullah Abdurredha As-Sarraf, Muhammad Abdulwahab Ash-Shomali, Abdur-Rasul Abbas Hussein, Abdur-Redha Abbas Hussein, Zeid Muhammad Al-Hasan, Ali Abdulaziz Abdunnabi, Abdulaziz Adel Al-Baloshi, Hanan Abdulhamid Marfi, Layla Hussein bin Nakhi, Muhammaf Jafar Al-Hasan, Hasan Sami Al-Hamid, Yahya Qassem Muhammad, Ahmed Habib Ashkanani, Sayed Ali Sayed Hussein Sayed Abed, Ali Abdduredha Karashi, Salma Abdulhameed Marfi, Muhammad Abdurredha Redha, Ahmed Ismail Karashi, Abdullah Ismail Karashi, Abdulhasan Abbas Hussein, Hamd Faysal An-Naqi, Yacoub Yousaf Al-Qallaf, Khalil Yousaf Al-Qallaf, Ali Badr Qabazrad, Hasan Ibrahim Abdulghafor, Hussein Makki Al-Matrok, Ali Saheb Bo-Shehri, Baqer Assad Abdulbaqi, Abbas Ibrahim Ghalom, Ali Solayman Al-Havaj, Abdullah Solayman Al-Havaj, Sayed Taqi Jassem Al-Husseini, Bilqees Muhammad Hamzah, Sayed Hussein Sayed Abed Al-Mousavi, Ahmed Jamal Abdulkhedhr, Jafar Adel Al-Havaj, Ahmed Khalil Ahmed, Ali Ahmed Ashkinani, Abdurredha Bo-Hamd, Sayed Muhammad Jassem Al-Husseini, Sayed Solayman Abdurrazzaq Taher, Fadhel Ali Redha, Ameena Abdunnabi bin Nakhi, Muhammad Solayman Al-Havaj, Sayed Hasan Shams Fadhel, Sayed Qassem Yassin Al-Mousavi, Tahni Muhammad Hamzah, Israa Ramadan Hasan, Zaynab Sayed Mahmoud Al-Husseini, Nejah Hussein Safar, Sarah Sayed Hussein Sayed Abed, Sayed Hasan Sayed Jaber Al-Mousavi, Sayed Abdulaziz Muhammad Hussein Al-Mousavi, Muhammad Taleb Al-Jaddi, Yousaf Habib Hussein, Abdulhadi Ahmed Hussein, Abdullah Fadhel Baqer, Abdulmohsin Abdulkarim Mandani, Imran Hussein Abduljalil Al-Husseini, Hussein Nazar Ahmed Mobarak, Muhammad Sadeq Jafar Al-Hasan, Muhammad Ali Ad-Dousri, Hamd Jassem Hussein Kamal, Ali Ahmed Rajab Ashkanani, Abdulhasan Abbas bin Nakhi, Mostafa Hussein Al-Khars, Ali Hussein Al-Khars, Hussein Ali Al-Khars, Muhammad Hussein Bo-Hamd, Salman Jaber Bo-Hamd, Ismail Jaber Bo-Hamd, Ammar Ahmed Moqim, Ali Ahmed Al-Jafar, Faysal Abdurrasul Bo-Hamd, Sa’ad Abdurrasul Bo-Hamd, Muhammad Taleb Abdul-Khedhr, Mehdi Abdullah Mandani, Muhammad Ibrahim Ashkanani, Hasan Mousa Haydar, Yousaf Ali Al-Mehna, Ali Mehdi As-Sarraf and Hashim Haydar Mohsani.

Meanwhile, Husseini majalis continue in the country, and on Ashura, Tatbeer was performed to signify grief over the unjust killing of grandson of Prophet (SW), Imam Hussein (AS).

First Hussaini procession held on Ashoora in Kuwait history

KUWAIT CITY: For the first time in the history of Kuwait, a big Hussaini procession was taken out on Ashoora – 10 Moharram – participated by more than ten thousand men, women and children.

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