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  Updated: February 3, 2006

Mourning programs continue in Bahrain

By: Ali Al-Qadumi

AL-MANAMA, Bahrain: Big majalis wa mawakeb al-azaa, or the Husseini mourning sittings and procession, were continued across the country since appearance of Moharram moon to pay rich homage to matchless sacrifices presented by grandson of Holy Prophet (p), Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) along with his near and dear ones some 1,400 years ago in the flaming desert of Karbala for defense of Islam and Shari’ah and protection of high human values.

Hundreds of thousands attend these mourning gatherings organized at thousands of mosques, matam and husseiniyaat including Matam As-Sanabas, Husseiniyah Alhaj Ahmed bin Khamis, Al-Imam Ali (p) Mosque, Matam Fatimah Az-Zahra (p), Husseiniyah Al-Qassab, Matam Ad-Darz, Al-Momin Mosque and Matam Al-Imam Al-Baqir (p) during day and night.

On Moharram 3, a grand mourning procession was held at Matam As-Sanabas. Renowned dirge-chanter Sheikh Hussein Al-Akraf recited Husseini dirges after Husseini speaker Sheikh Hasan Al-A’aly addressed.

Black standards and banners, inscribed with sayings of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) and condolence to the last imam from the progeny of holy Prophet (p), Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (p), on the martyrdom of his grandfather Aba Abdellah Al-Hussein (p), as well as paintings depicting the tragedy of Karbala are seen placed inside husseiniyaat and matam, and on buildings, markets and roads.

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