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  Updated: January 15, 2006

ISCHRO slams Iran decision to remove Hadith Kisa


AUCKLAND, New Zealand: The International Shia Cultural and Human Rights Organization (ISCHRO) is extremely concerned with the recent decision by Mohammad Mahdi Rai Shahri to exclude the Narration of the Cloak (Hadith Kitha) from the book Mafatih Al-Jinan.

Mafatih Al-Jinan (The Keys of Paradise) written by Haj Shaikh Abbas Qommi (d.1941) is a well-known collection of narrations and supplications that many Shias refer to on a regular basis. The author of the book is a well-known author and scholar of Islamic sciences and history, specializing in study of Islamic narrations. Due to his credibility and prominence, the author was given the title ‘The Trustworthy among Traditionists’. The collection is referred to by academics and lay people alike and it is recognized as a rare scholarly work that is important in the study of Islamic sciences, beliefs and narrations.

Rai Shahri’s move comes after his claim that the Narration of the Cloak was either not originally included by Haj Shaikh Qommi in Mafatih Al-Jinan or was not included in its original form. The government of Iran has accepted Rai Shahri’s opinion and has asked that all future publications of the work to exclude this narration. Steps have also been taken to tear the pages that contain the Narration of the Cloak from the already published copies of Mafatih Al-Jinan contained in public libraries.

Rai Shari’s comment is not only in contrast with the opinion of the prominent scholars and academics of the field of Shia history and narrative sciences, but also seems to be in direct contrast with the original manuscript of the book.

The contents of Mafatih Al-Jinan’s are easily verifiable by referring both to the original manuscript as well as the testimony of a number of academics who lived during the period of Haj Shaikh Qommi (some of whom are still alive today).

ISCHRO is disturbed by such alteration of Shia historical and religious texts. The current action taken by Rai Shahri is a blatant disregard for historical and scholarly work. The government of Iran already has a ban on many historical works for political purposes. However, Rai Shahri’s move indicates a trend to alter the original text of such books.

ISCHRO invites anyone who is interested in safeguarding historical texts and protecting the originality of the works of the scholars in the academic field to protest Rai Shahri’s decision by writing to the government of Iran.

The news about Mohammad Mahdi Rai Shahri’s decision to alter the above mentioned historical text can be found on the pro-Iranian government website below:

Hadith Kithaa:


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