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  Updated: January 31, 2006

Tarout majales al-azaiyah pay homage to Imam Al-Hussein (p)

By: Abdulali

TAROUT, Saudi Arabia: Mourning gatherings, or majales al-azaiyah to pay rich homage to matchless sacrifices of al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) and his 72 companions in the scorching desert of Karbala for defense of Muhammadan Shariah in 61 A.H. were in continuation in Tarout, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Gadir Council organizes this series of majales that began on Monday Mohasrram 1 at Al-Imam Zein-ol Abidin (p) Mosque at 10:30 pm.

Sheikh Abbas Al-Mahros addresses these majales and highlight objective of Husseini qayam.

Renowned Husseini elegists Sayyed Qassem Ash-Shakhs (Al-Ahsaa), Sayyed Mostafa Al-Hasan (Al-Ahsaa), Al-Haj Abbas Al-Mesbaa (Al-Qatif), Al-Haj Zaki Fardan (Al-Qatif) and HasanAsh-Shayeb (Al-Qatif) recite elegies to mark the sad occasion after majles al-azaiyah.

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