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  Updated: January 31, 2006

Muharram Museum establishment in East Azarbaijan

By: Sheikh Muhammad Khurasani

TEHRAN, Iran: The Haaj Ghaffar Maragheh historical complex of Maragheh, East Azarbaijan will be converted into the Muharram Museum in the next Iranian calendar year (begins March 21, 2006).

According to Maragheh Cultural Heritage Department director Naser Zavvari the renovation process of part of the complex, including the hosseinieh, the square, and the public bath has begun.

The old architecture of Maragheh and the people’s love for Imam Hussein (a.s.) are the reasons the museum is being established, he added.

“Military outfits related to tazieh (Iranian passion play), musical instruments for Muharram, patterned dishes created by the artists of Maragheh, various copies of the Quran, different kinds of swords, shields, and copies of written elegies for Ashura, teahouse paintings, and curtains depicting the events of Ashura are among the items that will be put on display at the museum.”

The historical complex dates back to the Qajar era and belonged to Haj Ghaffar, who dedicated the place for Muharram mourning ceremonies.

The hosseinieh has been beautifully decorated with tile works and embossed patterns of the Qajar era.

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