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  Updated: July 31, 2006

Qana brutality protested as Israeli 'war crime'

By: Sultan Ahmed

AMMAN, Jordan: Protests have flared across the Muslim world against Israel's air strike on Qana, Lebanon, which martyred at least 54 civilians including many children.

Angry crowds marched streets and squares in different countries. Crowds shouted support for Hezbollah, condemned Israel, the US and UN and burned US and Israeli flags.

In Iran about 1,000 people protested outside the UN office in Tehran. Children and women took part in the demonstration, displaying paintings of Israeli aircraft bombing Lebanese civilians and carrying banners calling for an end to the violence.
In Syria, thousands gathered in the capital, Damascus, for a march organized by a women's union.

Protesters spoke of their anger at shock at the deaths in Qana, but also of a growing discontent with the international community and the UN.

In the Jordanian capital Amman reports said up to 1,000 people gathered at one of the city's universities.

There were also reports of protests in Kuwait, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Pakistan and Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) of treating southern Lebanon as a "free-fire zone" and said that Israeli air strike on Qana is a "war crime".

An estimated 800,000 people uprooted by attacks: Lebanese Relief Council

BEIRUT, Lebanon: An estimated 800,000 people have been affected in Lebanon by the current crisis, with hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes, according to the Lebanese Higher Relief Council established by the Lebanese government to deal with the crisis.

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