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  Updated: June 23, 2006

Moslems in the west and confrontation of the challenges

By:-The General-Secretary- To Bani Hashem Organization Al-Alama Sayed Mohammad Ali Al-Husseini (Lebanese)

Praise is due to the master of the world, who blessed us by the blessing of religion, and he complete it to us after he sent the sealer of the prophets Mohammad (PBUH) and after him the chief of believers Ali (PB) and his purified family, and the curse is always on the ones who hurt them to the day of judgment.
And after:
with great regret that the dignity of the human being and its rights are wasted and confiscated in our third world, where the human being is forced to immigrate: it is an operation of moving from his country of birth to an other country where he can live in with dignity, and can trust on his life from the destruction or the jail, and on his money not to be wasted. Or the moving to other shelter where he can fulfill his wishes and lives with dignity.
Therefore, it is very rare to see family of ours where there is no member of it who was not forced migrate due to security reasons or due to the civil wars, as in our beloved Iraq, where more than two million had to flee afraid of getting killed or to protect their families from militias who might harm them or to keep their wealth. So we see thousands of them homeless outside their country. Or we see some others were forced to migrate due to the economic conditions as the state in our beloved country Lebanon, where now many young people specially the educated and rich ones are thinking to migrate, perhaps they may find in the west better standard of living and to keep their dignity and their security and peace. So the result is that there are many reasons for migration.
But as there many positive points from the standard of living side, also there are many confrontations the migrant Moslem will face who lives specially in the west.
And these confrontations can be divided into three sections: The interior confrontations, the exterior confrontations, and the message of the west to us.
The interior confrontations: It is the struggle between the ethical values, the good habits, the commitment, and the continuous desires in every street and mall, and the ethical decline, and the bad habits which makes the migrant becomes one of the junk of the west. Just to be the desires consumer, far away from the hereafter, rather the spiritual atmospheres, the Islamic beliefs, the ethical values, and the humanitarian virtues, so he will be melt like the salt in the fresh water.
And so, with great regret many people who has ill spirits has fallen, so the migration had more disadvantages and greater dangers on him from staying in his country. It is a serious matter we should pay attention to it, and one should count to thousand or even million before migration, especially who has kids in their early age, the danger will be greater for sure.
The exterior challenges: In other word, it is the possibility of cultural decline, where it is starts with the decline of values and the inserting of the satanic ideas, since the religion in the eyes of many is a means of some section of the people, and the religion is group of religious rituals, and the cultural attack starts with the kids, especially the kids who were born in the non Islamic country, and he can not speak Arabic and he and his manners are totally different and as a result of that the foreign language will take the place of the Arabic Language and the spoiled atmosphere will dominate the kids, and the corruption and the impudence will live as if it is the habits and the traditions, and the illegal and the prohibited as if it is civilization and advancement. And the Quran (Hoy Book), the prayer, the veil, the drinking of alcohol, adultery means nothing to him, and even the Islamic salute becomes Hi and the farewell becomes Bye. And the Human being will be taken by the cultural decline, and permitting all the illegal and legitimating all the prohibited, and all that the human being does not pay attention to it immediately only after a period of time, where we see the Arabic language the language of the Quran and the residence of paradise became weak and even the people inside their home do not speak it.
And we will see after that they started to change their habits and their manners, even the way of dress and the food, and this leads to the absence of religious commitments, and to disentangle the family ties, even the family visits will stop, there is no respect for relatives and there is no dignity for them, the families will lose their kids and the situation becomes worst and can not be counted in hurry now
The Message of the west to us:
After we spoke about the interior and exterior challenges, we come to the western society, which carry a message to the Moslem every day, it tries to influence the Moslem in the ideological side, we see how they try very hard to divest us from our religious rituals and the religion by calling to the secular system, and the work on our separation in one way or an other from our societies, relatives, mosques, and religious halls, and to keep us away from our religious scholars, even it urges us to leave the Quran, and if it fails with us, it turns its attention to our kids in order to make the grow up as the officer of one of the migration offices said: The first and the second generation of migrants will be adapted and melted in our society and the third generation will be a carbon copy for our reality and our habits and traditions. This is the message of the west to us.
Our instructions to the Migrant Moslem:
I say: after I spoke and indicated to the challenges and its danger on us and on our kids and our society, I find no way except the only way for defense, it is the attack, yes the counter attack.
We must stand and be aware of the challenges, rather increase our belief and to hold on to our religion in confrontation of all the interior and exterior challenges, and we should carry the message of the seal of the prophets Mohammad Bin Abdullah (PBUH), the message of the great Islam, the Islam of Pity and mercy, the Islam of humanity and justice.
The Islam of peace and dignity, the Islam of Ali Bin Abi Talib (PB) who said: The human beings are two kinds, either a brother of yours in religion, or a similar to you in shape.
We should look after our believing brothers in the west, and to establish religious centers to protect the Islamic communities from the behavioral and intellectual deviation, besides the learning schools, and the entertainment places, and also to rush toward the others to convey the Sharia (Legislation) of the master of all messengers, and that is the prime challenge which face each Moslem in the west.
So, it is the duty of the Moslem to spread his principles and ideologies in the west, and to call for the belief in the only god the one, in deed and saying. It is the responsibility of the Moslem in the west.
And should work on the basis: "Say: O people of the book! come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; That we associate no partners with him; That we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah. If then they turn back, say ye: Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah\\\'s will) …" (1).
And in the tongue: "Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; And argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from his path, and who receive guidance…" (2).
And the Moslem should take Jaafer Bin Abi Talib Al Tayar as an example when he came down in the christian countries, and addressed its king, and how did he arrive to the common things between us, and it is God and the belief in the messengers and the hereafter?.
"And say: Work (righteousness): soon will Allah observe your work, and his messenger, and the believers: soon will ye be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will he show you the truth of all that ye did …" (3).

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